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May/June 2019

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Figure 8. A group of Italian alders (Alnus cordata), some of which have been infected by Phytophthora alni and subsequently died. This group was planted on the College's nine-hole golf course in the 1980s, but since this pathogen has become common in the area, this group of thirteen trees has been reduced to just nine, with two standing dead and another three with the symptoms of black bleeding on their trunks at the time I took the second image. My TOT project is picking up much of the life cycle of trees, from initial growth, flowering and fruiting, to major issues for trees as they mature. I have quite a lot of instances where trees have died; sometimes you only get an image of the tree beforehand, and an image of the empty space afterwards, which has some impact on the students' learning, but it is better where the intermediate stages can be shown. 37

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