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January 2020

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WIDER is BETTER © 2019 Ideal Clamp Products, Inc. I D E A L T R I D O N . C O M | P R O V E N D E S I G N S , B I L L I O N S O F T I M E S G L O B A L H E A D Q U A R T E R S 8 1 0 0 T R I D O N D R I V E S M Y R N A , T N U S A 8 0 0 . 2 5 1 . 3 2 2 0 | 6 1 5 . 4 5 9 . 5 8 0 0 U S A | C A N A D A | M E X I C O | C H I N A | J A P A N | P O L A N D | I T A L Y | I N D I A P L E A S E R E C Y C L E THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT HOSE CLAMPS Recent published advertisements have surfaced questioning the sealing ability of 9/16" wide band hose clamps versus 1/2" wide band hose clamps. The truth is that both band widths have their own attributes. The real question to be asked is, which design is best for you and your specific application? For the pump installer who is hanging pumps deeper and deeper year after year with a corresponding increase in hanging weight, the answer is clear. It is true that those who sell 1/2" band width products promote the notion that sealing efficiency is improved over a narrower foot print on the pipe and fitting. But, this is not the whole story. The whole truth is that there are other important performance attributes that must be considered, to assess which design is best suited for the application. In a comparison test conducted at Ideal's laboratory in Smyrna, Tennessee between all stainless steel IDEAL-TRIDON ® brand 1/2" and 9/16" band clamps, the "68" series wider band out-performed the 1/2" band in the four performance categories of Residual Torque, Ultimate Torque, Pull Off Load and Band Load. The tests were performed with clamps in SAE sizes 16 through 32 utilizing a 410 stainless steel screw. With millions of clamps servicing wells spanning five decades, there is only one hose clamp that delivers. The IDEAL-TRIDON 9/16" band provides the durability, quality, and reliability you can count on year after year. Know the whole truth. Wider is better! THE CLAMP THAT WELL DRILLERS TRUST MOST

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