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RWMETAL $17.95 RWMETAL $17.95 $149.95 Bucket $149.95 Bucket RWPAINT $17.95 RWPAINT $17.95 RWWASH $17.95 RWWASH $17.95 RWTIRE $17.95 RWTIRE $17.95 RWBUG $17.95 RWBUG $17.95 RWSPRAY $17.95 RWSPRAY $17.95 New Detail Bucket Includes: New Detail Bucket Includes: Metal Polish & Sealent Metal Polish & Sealent Paint Protectant Paint Protectant Spray Detailer Spray Detailer Truck Wash Truck Wash Tire Shine Tire Shine Bug Off Bug Off 2x Cleaning Cloth 2x Cleaning Cloth Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Screen Screen Stainless Steel Screen goes in bucket to seperate dirt from your wash water. Keeps you from picking up the sand and grit with your rag or brush. Brilliant!!! 111 111

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