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Members of the NABCA Industry Steering Committee offer insights into the important issues facing the beverage alcohol industry, its suppliers and the control states. T hroughout the year, the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA) Board of Directors meets with the Industry Steering Committee, a group of industry leaders from distilled spirits companies, to address new and ongoing issues facing the beverage alcohol industry and the control states. StateWays once again asked these committee members to participate in a virtual roundtable where they were invited to discuss accomplishments of the past year and challenges facing their industry and the control states in the coming year. The theme of the upcoming Annual NABCA Conference, in Phoenix, AZ, is "Progressive Control," and we suggested that Industry Steering Committee members participating could use that as a jumping off point for their comments. Naturally, we also suggested that they can address a variety of issues affecting the industry and the control states: for example, privatization, social responsibility, modernization, best practices, etc. We thank those supplier representatives who took the time out of their busy schedules to respond. These include: Steve Bjeldanes, Vice President, General Sales Manager, U.S. Control / National Accounts / Canada, Beam Inc.; Marc Satterthwaite, Vice President, Director Sales Operations, North America, BrownForman; John Trainer, General Manager, Control State Division, Pernod Ricard USA; Alison Potts, Vice President and Managing Director, Control States & Military Sales, Bacardi USA; John W Byrne, Director of Control States & Public Affairs, Rémy Cointreau USA, Inc.; Ted Roman, Senior Vice President, Sales, William Grant & Sons; Rick Przedieda, Sales Manager, Control States and Canada, Luxco; Steve Feller, Director of North American Sales, Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.; Greg Armstrong, President, Diageo North America Control States; and Scott Oppenheimer, Senior Vice President, Control States, Moet Hennessy USA. 38 STEVE BJELDANES Beam Inc. Vice President, General Sales Manager U.S. Control / National Accounts / Canada Chairman, NABCA Industry Steering Committee L ike no time since Prohibition, we see consumer, shopper and voter perceptions of beverage alcohol changing rapidly. In particular, the perception that the citizens have towards what role the state government should play in not only regulating, but also the warehousing, distribution and sale of beverage alcohol. Fueling this change are administrations elected on privatization platforms, voters and various retailers driving agendas and raising expectations of what the beverage alcohol shopping experience should be. In just about every control state, there have been factions asking for change like never before. Due to the progressive attitudes sprouting in the states in response to consumer and voter demands, we at Beam believe that this changing landscape offers opportunity. Meaning, to grow brands and educate consumers to not necessarily drink more spirits, but drink better. Ultimately driving more revenue for the state. However, in this shifting ground of change we at StateWays I I May/June 2013

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