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February 2021

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More magazine is just a click away Now on WATER WELL JOURNAL.COM 18 n February 2021 WWJ waterwelljournal.com Make sure you're a member of the National Ground Water Association. It's not just great content from WWJ; there are a host of benefits important to you and your business. Go to www.NGWA.org today to check them all out! Here are some items that are generating high levels of user engagement on Water Well Journal's website and on social media: www.WaterWellJournal.com facebook.com/WaterWellJournal twitter.com/waterwelljournl DIGITAL BUZZ Learn about drilling fluids and more in new video In another video on the WWJ website, Glotfelty provides an overview of drilling fluids. The video, which is nearly 11 minutes, goes over the critical topic by discussing three primary properties— viscosity, weight, and filtrate; chemistry such as pH, hardness, and the calcium of makeup water; and other important properties such as plastic viscosity and yield point. During the discussion, Glotfelty shares a diagram from his book, The Art of Water Wells, to help illustrate his points and provide detail. www.WaterWellJournal.com Join NGWA Log in The Groundwater NGWA Association ® FROM FACEBOOK Understand how to decommission a well in new video on WWJ 's website The Art of Water Wells columnist Marvin F. Glot- felty, RG, discusses decom- missioning a well in a new video that has recently been uploaded to Water Well Journal's website. In the nearly 10-minute video, Glotfelty points out that while you must decommis- sion a well to meet your state's requirement, it's also critical you do so to industry standards and use com- mon sense so there are not any detrimental impacts to the aquifer in the future. Among his tips are beginning with a pre-abandonment video so you can ensure what is down the well and exactly what type of work needs to be done. If you have a question, email Glotfelty at mglotfelty@geo-logic.com, and the answer will appear in an upcoming NGWA: Industry Connected video. www.WaterWellJournal.com ON TWITTER Water Well Journal More loan options are available for businesses as part of the $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill. Read more about the new bill here: Congress agrees to a new $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill Water Well Journal Did you know? For any #GWweek2020 attendees out there, you can watch all of the sessions you missed ON DEMAND through June 2021. Click here to watch: https://virtual.groundwaterweek.com Marvin F. Glotfelty, RG Water Well Journal Happy #WaterWednesday! We had more than 2,500 groundwater professionals from nearly 60 countries participate in Groundwater Week 2020. Thank you for making this one for the record books! Water Well Journal #WaterWednesday: The latest National Ground Water Association: Industry Connected video is with Water Well Journal's The Art of Water Wells columnist Marvin F. Glotfelty, RG, who covers evaluating a well's flow profile. Glotfelty shows a PowerPoint to clarify what a vertical hydraulic gradient is and how it can impact a well. Glotfelty also explains spinner logging and dye trace flow profile analyses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHvzi1Q7iy0. #waterwellflow, #waterwells, #waterwellsystems, #groundwater, #hydrogeology ON THE SITE WWJ NEWS Hometown H2O Program Gifts East Texas Family with Clean, Running Water The property is home to 11 residents and now has a new well. 120Water, Xylem, and RCAP Distribute 100,000 Face Masks to Rural Water Workers RCAP, Xylem Watermark, and 120Water began this program after seeing the unique challenges rural communities were facing. New Interim Strategy Will Address PFAS Through Certain EPA-Issued Wastewater Permits The actions provide for federally enforceable wastewater monitoring for PFAS.

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