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February 2021

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I have spent most of my adult life trying to figure out human beings and what makes us tick. Being one myself, this has often been quite difficult. For instance, the hypocrisy that seems to exist in many individuals under the guise of fairness can only be justified in their minds and by others who feel the same way. This leaves the rest of us wondering how these people—many of them politicians—can be so blatantly dedicated to their apparently wrong philosophy while the rest of us non-believers trudge along, incredulous to their actions and attitudes. Another common human trait that often mystifies me are the many folks who willingly work extra hours without due and just compensation. There are some individuals who select a profession or career with little chance of real financial success and security but demonstrate a tremendous work ethic day in and out for a job that offers little more than inner satisfaction and accomplishment. All of these people are vital to the perpetuation of society, but what is the difference between these groups of people and what is really important to them? This month's column will give you my perspective on this question by using the water well industry as an example. What Is Important to Us? Think about that basic question for a minute before reading further. What do you think qualifies as so-called important work? Is it as obvious as answering the call of the clergy, of- fering help and spiritual assistance to those less fortunate or in need of guidance? Or maybe it is dedicated to working in the medical field as a doctor or nurse, using their talents and train- ing to tirelessly help those with illness or injury as so many of our health professionals have done for well over a year now? Wait, perhaps the really important work is in science, de- veloping new technologies or investigating possible cures for those incurable diseases that have caused so much suffering to past and current generations, such as COVID-19 coronavirus is doing to us now. Regarding our first responders, maybe the most important work comes down to being in law enforcement or fire protec- tion, from the extreme of protecting citizens from the ravages of crime to as simple as offering directions to a lost driver. So what about firefighters or paramedics? There can be no work more valuable than saving another person's life or property. But then, what about military service? Offering to serve in an all-voluntary armed force during your most formative and active years must be important. Finally, there is no more likely important work in the world than just being a good parent. I think almost all of us would agree that all the previous groups—in addition to countless others—in their own way are important to the betterment of our world. Almost everyone contributes (some in small and unnoticeable ways, others in obvious and easily recognizable ways) to the improvement and expansion of our modern society. What About Our Industry? But wait a minute, what about our industry—the water well industry? You know, water well contractors, pump installers, engineers, technicians, salespeople, even those in the regula- tory and inspection environment. Those of us daily down in the trenches, working at the desk, or at the drill rig controls. From my observation and experience, there is no industry or group of workers who contribute in their own way more than those of us lucky enough to be in this business. It's funny. As the longer I am involved in this profession— almost 50 years now—and the more people I get to know, there is one observation I can cite: For most people, working in the water well industry is as much or more of a calling as it is a job. Indeed, most individuals I have met through my writing, work, or travels really think they are fortunate to be working in the water well industry. Sure, there always will be the small minority of those who view this work as simply dirty, grimy, and unfulfilling; nothing more than an 8 to 5 paycheck. But on the other hand, in how many other professions do you see so many families working together intimately in- volved in their livelihood, or the scores of children who will- ingly and happily follow their parents into the business, not to mention working alongside them. But wait a minute, Ed, you might say, that just means that the water well business is rewarding to those who work in it— what makes it important? Well, think about it for a minute. Other than a violent injury or rapid onset disease, what will cause the most human suffering the quickest? Food? Forget it, we can literally go for weeks without food. Air? Okay, so you ED BUTTS, PE, CPI ENGINEERING YOUR BUSINESS IS OUR WORK REALLY IMPORTANT? The columnist examines the essential services the industry provides to customers. waterwelljournal.com 38 n February 2021 WWJ For most people, working in the water well industry is as much or more of a calling as it is a job.

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