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November/December 2022

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40 CityTREES along streets where larger soil volumes were available.) The 'Minaret' trees have raced away and consistently out- performed our London plane trees. As the tree matures, the bark forms an attractive patchwork effect by flaking off in sections in the same way that London plane does. Tolerant of a wide range of soil pH, texture, and moisture— and of part shade, air pollution, and some degree of soil compaction—there isn't much to stop this selection from flourishing except maybe canker stain, but this is not yet reported. 'Minaret' produces a large, round headed tree at maturity. It is hardy to U.K. Zone 7 (USDA Zone 6b). 'Minaret' works very well in large parklands and estates, where it can be extremely long lived and grow to its maximum potential. That said, like the London plane tree, this specimen is a prime candidate for pollarding or pleaching because of its attractive bark and architectural nature of the foliage. Trunk of a young Platanus orientalis 'Minaret'. Habit of unpruned 'Minaret'. Lustrous foliage of 'Minaret'.

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