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36 tobaccoasia Issue 6, 2022 November / December By Thomas Schmid HeeChi – China (Hong Kong) Heated tobacco devices certainly have become an end consumer mainstay, but the technology has never been perfect. Most devices still deploy a heating rod that physically penetrates the inserted heatstick. Even at relatively low temperature, that method inevitably causes the contained tobacco to eventually char when the device is used too long. Hong Kong-based HeeChi Technology goes a very differ- ent way with its patented device. Here, the inserted stick never comes in contact with a rod or the heating chamber itself. Suspended within the chamber, it is sub- jected to hot air, being "baked" rather than charred, which results in a smoother, less bitter tobacco taste. More info: Greenbutts – US Acetate tow filter plugs are among the most littered plastic items on the planet, amounting for an estimated one million tons of waste per year while (depending on the environmental conditions) taking up to 15 years to decompose. US company Greenbutts offers a solution to that acetate tow problem: its 100% biodegradable filter material made from natural plant fibers. Greenbutts filters immersed in plain water begin disintegrating into strands within only a few hours and completely de- compose not in years but mere weeks. Used filters also can be safely thrown on the backyard compost heap or put in the household trash. More info: ShishAir – Germany Burning shisha charcoal creates substantial carbon monoxide (CO) emissions, a serious health hazard especially in unventilated rooms. There have been cases where shisha bars had to be evacuated because its patrons were in danger of suc- cumbing to CO poisoning. Thanks to its integrated catalyzer "sponge", the ShishAir device effectively eliminates up to 90% of CO emissions by simply placing the de- vice over the lit shisha bowl. A further benefit is that coal doesn't need to be replen- ished as often as would normally be the case, saving up to 60% in charcoal cubes. More info: InterTabac/InterSupply 2022: New Products Launchpad This year's twin event once again served as a launchpad for numerous new products. Tobacco Asia presents a random selection of some of the most interesting ones. Prestigious exhibitions such as InterTabac and InterSupply have always been the perfect platform for a manufacturer or supplier to break into the tobacco business, to make themselves known to future customers. The most recent twin events in Dortmund, Germany welcomed at least 160 first-time exhibi- tors, a good proportion of them new companies. And with more than 12,000 visitors from all corners of the world scouting out what the tobacco sector has to offer, the two shows also were a fantastic opportunity for established companies and newcomers alike to launch their latest products. Tobacco Asia scoured the exhibition halls for what we believe were some of the most out- standing ones, briefly highlighting them in this pictorial. Buho is the first proprietary rolling paper brand launched by Spanish distributor, Algarix. Credit for all: Thomas Schmid HeeChi deploys a completely new heating technology, the tobacco is only "baked" rather than potentially charred. Greenbutts' fully biodegradable filter tow is made from natural plant fiber strands. ShishAir's spongy catalyzer (right) can be used for months before needing replacement.

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