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Tobacco Asia 37 Casa 1910 – Mexico The fertile Veracruz valley is Mexico's premier tobacco growing region. Since quite recently, it also is the home of the country's latest premium hand-rolled cigar com- pany, Casa 1910 (so named after the Mexican revolution that kicked off that year). Owned and run by partners Manolo Santiago, Jamie Baer and colleagues uncom- promisingly adhere to the best traditions of cigar crafting. The company's luxurious, extraordinarily smooth cigars brought scores of visitors to Casa 1910's InterTabac booth. Mexico may not yet be up there in the same league as cigars from Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, or the Dominican Republic… but Casa 1910 could well be on the way of changing that notion. More info: Dekang – China Dekang Biotechnology has always been at the forefront of innovation, particularly in the shisha arena. The outfit brought us the original shisha stones as well as shisha fruits, just to name a couple of eyebrow-raising products. But, at this year's InterT- abac, the company also showed its great expertise in the heated tobacco segment by launching what can be regarded as the world's first completely smokeless HNB device, QUUQ, plus its compatible DKiss pods. Consumers are increasingly faced with HNB smoking restrictions even where their use had been previously permitted and now have an elegant, inconspicuous way of enjoying their passion anywhere without causing undue attention. More info: Buho – Algarix – Spain Spanish firm Algarix is a major distributor of a wide range of rolling paper brands for many years, including Rizla, Pay-Pay, OCB, Smoking, Raw, and numerous others. But recently the company launched its very first, own brand, Buho, to the Mexico's newest premium cigar brand, Casa 1910, introduced at InterTabac 2022. Dekang Biotechnology's Daniel Liu und Nicolae Nemes with their latest innovation, QUUQ (foreground right).

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