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38 tobaccoasia Issue 6, 2022 November / December international market at InterTabac and garnered quite some interest among expo visitors. Buho papers come in a broad variety of formats, bleached, unbleached, colored, made from organic hemp and other materials. More info: ESC 1 – Sweden Karl Galiano is of Chilean birth, but has German roots and years ago immigrated to Sweden. Recognizing the skyrocketing popularity of snus and other smoke- less tobacco products among consumers, he very recently decided to jump on the bandwagon by creating his own brand, ESC1. The brand was well received by InterTabac visitors due to its quirky packaging design. Furthermore, ESC1 ex- clusively uses synthetic nicotine instead of a tobacco-derived one. ESC1 made its international debut at InterTabac, with Karl Galiano very pleased about the promo- tional value the show afforded ESC1. More info: Hokord – Ukraine/China (Hong Kong) A joint venture between Ukraine and Hong Kong, Hokord showcased at InterSup- ply its prototype hemp cone rolling machine, the CCM-900, to great customer in- terest. While the prototype primarily served as an on-site sample, the machine's second-generation version, the CCM-2000, is even better and will be rolled out in March 2023. It will be capable of producing up to 2,000 cones per minute, whereas length, diameter, and other parameters can be chosen freely thanks to an intuitive interface. More info: Chateau Diadem – Dominican Republic Incorporated in Mauritius and operating a factory in the Dominican Republic's Ci- bao valley, Chateau Diadem turned out to be the youngest premium cigar company present at InterTabac this year. Literally. According to co-owners Thierry Farah and Emily Sahakian, the firm had been established only three days prior to the show. Chateau Diadem's inaugural offering was the premium long-filler "Convic- tion", utilizing Nicaraguan Criollo Esteli Dominican Criollo 98, and Dominican Piloto Cubano. Its binder is Dominican Olor, its wrapper Ecuadorian Habano 2000. More info: El Petaquero – Spain Spain is world-renowned for its excellent leather and the myriad of goods manu- factured from it. That also goes for luxurious smoking accessories such as hand- crafted humidors and cigar carrying cases. Based in the small town of Prado del Rey in southern Spain, family-run El Petaquero has been in the leather crafts busi- ness for decades. At InterTabac, current owner Antonio Cabrera Borrego proudly introduced the Tobacco Asia team to the enormous range of exquisite cigar acces- sories of outstanding quality that his craftsmen produce. More info: FluxCode – Germany Deploying a comprehensive track-and-trace (T&T) system nowadays is not merely an option; nay, it's a legal requirement almost everywhere. InterTabac saw the launch of the brand new Fluxcode system, developed by a German company of the same name. Fluxcode can be easily integrated into existing production lines and aggregation systems. UID requests are requested and confirmed within minutes and provided to printers, while a complex algorithm prevents multiple UID transmis- sion. With the FluxGenerate add-on module it is even possible for a manufacturer to create its own UIDs. Of course the system also checks for consistency and validation and provides extensive production and logistics data. In short: it has all the bells and whistles. More info: ESC1 "nicopods" uses synthetic instead of tobacco-derived nicotine. Ukraine-Hong Kong outfit Hokord launched its prototype CCM-900 hemp cone rolling machine at InterSupply. Chateau Diadem co-owners Thierry Farah and Emily Sahakian posing with their precious children. El Petaquero's classy humidors and cigar cases are made from the finest Spanish leathers. Credit: Hokord Germany's Fluxcode is the latest T&T system in the market, guaranteeing seamless and reliable product distribution management.

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