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40 tobaccoasia Issue 6, 2022 November / December By Jason Tian, 2FIRSTS Technology This year marks the 20th anniversary of e-cig- arettes, two decades of continuous research and development since the first e-cigarette was pat- ented by Han Li. In 2003, Han Li founded Ruyan Technology in China and Ruyan e-cigarettes start- ed to be sold domestically in small quantities. A year later, Yao Jide founded Changning Dekang and started to develop and produce e-liquids, fol- lowed by some other manufacturers. At that time the e-cigarettes and e-liquids were only sold in the domestic market. Export-oriented e-cigarette manufactures were founded in Bao'an, Shenzhen in 2006, such as RILF, the predecessor of renowned industry players First Union, Smoore, and Kanger. Using Turkey as the transit point to the European mar- ket, these manufacturers brought China's e-ciga- rettes to the world. A growing number of manufacturers were established in the following years between 2007- 2011, as well as innovative versions of e-cigarettes from cigarette-shaped devices to the introduction of the standard atomizer interface, and pods with improved performance. In 2013, Imperial Brands acquired the Ruyan brand and all its intellectual property rights. Hang- sen also became the first Chinese e-cigarette com- pany to set-up production facilities overseas with its factory in Poland. Notably, in 2014 the industry's efforts to band together resulted in the establishment of the Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Association (SECA) in August and the Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Industry Association (SECIA) in Octo- ber. The industry grew in leaps and bounds, and China became the world's largest producer and The China E-Cig Juggernaut: Past, Present, and Future Speaking at InterTabac this September, Jason Tian of Shenzhen 2FIRSTS Technology and the Elec- tronic Cigarette Professional Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (ECCC), provided an overview of China's e-cigarette environment and the path going forward after new regula- tions came into effect. China's new regulations that tighten controls on vapes from manufactur- ing to exporting will help accelerate the development of standards and quality as well as provide a template for global regulations.

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