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2 ©2023 PulseTech Products Corporation www.pulsetech.net 800-580-7554 PULSETECH PRODUCTS 2 PulseTech Products Battery Recovery, Charging, Maintenance and Testing Equipment D I A G N O S E C O RR E C T P R E V E N T / M I T I G A T E TRAINING How to Order INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES 47QSWA22D005V FSC Schedule MAS Cage 00NQ8 * Class: Small Business Effective Dates 06/01/2022 - 05/31/2027 Payment By Government Credit Card Or Purchase Order Standard Ground Freight Prepaid (CONUS) • Extend battery life by up to three times • Extend alternator and starter life • Dramatically reduce jump starts • Remove sulfates from battery plates • Recover 70% of spent batteries • Reduce the number of new batteries purchased • Reduce vehicle downtime • Increase battery efficiency and power 777P-PT 390PT SC-12 SC-6 SC-2 XCR PRO-12-RP Quadlink XC400 B-Rack-1 PowerPulse SP-7 SP-12 PulseTech – What we do and Why: For many years, PulseTech ™ Products have been improving battery performance and saving money for consumers, fleets of all sizes and the US Military worldwide keeping them all ready for action. PulseTech's patented technology helps lead acid batteries perform better by increasing their ability to accept, store, and release energy. This allows them to maintain their state of charge longer and accept recharge more readily, extending battery life by as much as three times. An Environmentally Friendly Powerhouse Up to 70% of batteries otherwise thought to be "dead" are recoverable, reducing the number of old used batteries in our environment, reducing costs for our customers, and increasing vehicle and fleet equipment readiness. Applying the battery maintenance philosophy through proper use of the tools below will help you to: • Online at www.pulsetech.com • Phone us at 800-580-7554 (Toll free in US & Canada) or 817-329-6099 (Local & International) • Email us at ppc@pulsetech.com • Fax POs to 817-329-5914 Diagnose Correct Prevent/ Mitigate

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