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Tribute Total approved for use on zoysiagrass Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP, announced Tribute Total can be used on zoysiagrass. Tribute Total, a novel post-emergent herbicide, delivers broad spectrum control in one complete solution to turf managers selectively remove the most troublesome grassy and broadleaf weeds, sedges and kyllingas. Tribute Total helps you better manage your labor input by eliminating the need for multiple products. Approved for use on bermudagrass and now zoysiagrass, it is effective against 55 grassy and broadleaf weeds including dallisgrass, crabgrass, and yellow and purple nutsedge. Bayer Environmental Science Exmark 30-inch stand-on aerator The Exmark 30-inch Stand-On Aerator delivers the productivity and durability professionals demand with a split-tine design to allow easier turning with tines engaged. The compact stand-on design heightens maneuverability in tight spaces while the 30-inch aeration width and 7.5-mph top speed deliver maximum productivity. Mass is centralized directly over the tines for maximum core depth consistency, and core depth is adjustable from 2- to 5-inches. The selfcleaning tines are easy-to-replace. Tine down-force is hydraulic-actuated and is easily adjusted by the operator. An electric-start Kawasaki® V-Twin powerplant delivers top-notch power, reliability and durability. The Exmark 30-inch Stand-On Aerator is covered by a one-year limited warranty. Exmark Manufacturing TurfEx MS4500 electric-powered topdresser The TurfEx 1.4 cubic-yard capacity MS4500 topdresser features polyethylene construction, fully electric operation and precision spreading. It has the ability to spread standard topdressing sand for golf courses, crumb rubber for synthetic turf fields and a variety of other bulk materials including compost and soil conditioners. The MS4500's heavy-duty polyethylene construction eliminates the corrosion and maintenance concerns associated with similar steel built models, while also making the unit up to 40-percent lighter. Furthermore, it features large flotation tires and exerts only 18 psi when fully loaded, allowing safe operation on delicate surfaces such as golf greens. The lightweight construction also lessens fuel consumption for the towing vehicle. TurfEx Netafim multi-function hydrometers Netafim USA now features multi-function hydrometers, water-saving devices that monitor irrigation flow rates and usage on commercial and institutional sites. The hydrometers provide visible, real-time data to help landscape managers evaluate water consumption on a daily basis. The versatile device features four functions: built-in master valve, water meter, flow sensor and pressure regulating valve. Hydrometers can be utilized in either dripline or overhead irrigation systems and are compatible with controllers from most major manufacturers. As more municipalities focus on water conservation, hydrometers have become practical tools in monitoring day-to-day water use. The product's globe-shaped master valve has a double chamber that provides positive openings and closings. It can function as a remote master valve for automated operation. Netafim Control up to 22 zones with ESP-SMTe controller After Rain Bird introduced the ESP-SMT smart control system in 2009, the weather-based, 13-station controller quickly made a name for itself as a technologically-advanced, water-efficient way to schedule irrigation. Now, Rain Bird is introducing the ESP-SMTe—an enhanced version of the original ESP-SMT that features numerous enhancements and the ability to manage up to 22 zones. Like its predecessor, the ESP-SMTe consists of two key components, a controller chassis with an integrated smart panel and an on-site weather station that includes a temperature sensor with an integrated solar shield and a unique tipping rain bucket for instantaneous rainfall measurement. An intuitive on-screen wizard prompts users for site-specific and zone-specific information to create a customized, optimum irrigation schedule. Rain Bird SportsTurf 37

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