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John Mascaro's Photo Quiz Answers from page 17 These phoTos are from the San Diego Padres' Dominican Republic Baseball Park that houses the club's international baseball academy. The irregular dark green areas in leftfield are actually the result of good fertilization; well sort of. What actually happened is that the field was fertilized with a 17-3-17 fertilizer at a low rate. After the operator was finished with his application, he parked the fertilizer spreader on the turf and washed it off. The areas where the fertilizer was more concentrated by the washing operation turned green. These green areas showed what the turf would look like if the correct amount of fertilizer had been applied to it. If you look closely at the photograph, you will also notice green lines running toward the infield. This was the direction of travel during the fertilizer application. These green stripes are actually areas where the spreader was overlapping, also delivering the correct amount of fertilizer. This situation made for a very teachable moment and since there was no damage done, additional amounts of fertilizer were applied at the correct spacing and rate and the entire area greened up. Photo submitted by Luke Yoder, director, field operations, San Diego Padres. n If you would like to submit a photograph for John Mascaro's Photo Quiz please send it to John Mascaro, 1471 Capital Circle NW, Ste # 13, Tallahassee, FL 32303 call (850) 580-4026 or email to If your photograph is selected, you will receive full credit. All photos submitted will become property of SportsTurf magazine and the Sports Turf Managers Association. SportsTurf 33

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