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President's Message Dr. Mike Goatley DIRECT MAIL LIST SALES Cheryl Naughton 678-292-6054 SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES Phone 845-856-2229 Fax 845-856-5822 REPRINTS Cheryl Naughton 678-292-6054 Account Representatives: Leslie Palmer JAMES G. ELLIOTT CO., INC. 101 West Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1400 Troy, MI 48084 Ph: 248-530-0300, ext. 1402 Scott Hill 134 N. LaSalle St., Suite 1700 Chicago, IL 60602 312-348-1206 Classified Sales/Marketplace: Glenn Datz Phone: 213-596-7220 Fax: 213-624-0997 PUBLISHER'S NOTICE: We Assume No Responsibility For The Validity Of Claims In Connection With Items Appearing In Sportsturf. Reader Service Numbers Are Given To Facilitate Further Inquiry. Mention Of A Commercial Product Does Not Imply Endorsement By Sportsturf Or Specialty Information Media, Or Preference Over Similar Products Not Mentioned. All "treat" for STMA members M ANY ASSOCIATE THE MONTH OF OCTOBER with one day in particular, October 31. Halloween can be scary, somewhat like how a lot of heavily trafficked sports fields can look at this time of year. It also can be fun, and fortunately I see a lot more fun (that is great looking and safe) fields than scary fields, a testament to the expertise and abilities of sports field managers. Any "holiday" is an event appropriate for decorating the Goatley house per the direction of Lisa Goatley. Halloween has quickly moved up in the AP holiday rankings at the Goatley house, coming in just behind Christmas but well ahead of Arbor Day and (yes, we are "that house" in the neighborhood). I enjoy the "trick" part of Halloween, because it provides a legitimate opportunity to wear a Scream mask, turn on the strobe light, and make all kinds of scary noises and strange body gyrations through the garage window when the kids walk by on their way for the "treat" that is to be provided at the front door by Mrs. Goatley. STMA is very much in "treat" mode this fall and there are no "tricks" involved with members receiving the rewards. In particular, please be sure that you learn more about an exciting membership recruitment program developed by your Membership Committee that will not only recruit new members but will also reward current STMA members that recruit those new members. In brief, first-time members of STMA can attend the 2013 Conference and Exhibition for FREE (that is, the conference registration is waived), and if you as a member are responsible for signing up the new member, you receive $100 per enrollee that can be applied to any specific STMA-related expense. One of the major goals of our Strategic Plan is to increase membership and our Membership Committee felt strongly that this was an opportunity for STMA to spend some money to ultimately grow our association. The reason why? The membership retention rate for members who attend conference is so high—92%—that your Board felt strongly that one of the most effective ways to grow our membership was to get new members to conference. Please reach out to colleagues who you know would benefit and appreciate coming to conference and see if there is any way they can make it to San Antonio. This issue also features information on our keynote speaker for San Antonio, Dr. Rick Rigsby (see p. 42). Take a look at some of Dr. Rigsby's messages on YouTube. I found his "It's not too late to be great" message to the national Future Farmers of America convention to be particularly good. So, Happy Halloween. I'm wondering if the Goatley house will be decorated for October's National Mole Day. No, not the furry creature that tunnels on your fields. This celebration runs from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m. on 10/23. Break out your chemistry books if you need to. Take care! n SportsTurf 7

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