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November 2013

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Faison: Fear of the word arsenic is driving consumer concern because most people associate it with its use as a short-term poison in high doses. In fact, arsenic is a naturally occurring element in the earth's crust. Naturally occurring elements such as arsenic are present in the soil, air, and water, so arsenic is found in very low, harmless levels in many foods and beverages, and always has been. GFG: Is there good science to help determine what the action levels in juice should be? Faison: Arsenic is a very well-studied substance. There are extensive data from epidemiologic, laboratory animal, and mechanistic studies that provide very good evidence to guide determinations of safe levels of exposure. FDA's current exposure limit is derived from studies of a particularly sensitive group of people (due to poor nutrition) who were exposed to high concentrations of arsenic in food and water throughout their lives. That limit also takes into account juice consumption rates for both children and adults. The science shows that FDA's current exposure limit for arsenic in juice provides a substantial margin of safety that errs on the side of being conservatively health-protective of all ages. GFG: What do the members of the Juice Products Association want you to accomplish and what response do they want from government? Faison: We want consumers to know that apple juice is a nutritious beverage and it is safe to consume. We rely on the Food and Drug Administration to establish guidance/regulations for foods and beverages that are based on sound science. GFG: What do you expect to happen, and when? Faison: At this time, the FDA is accepting comments on the "Draft Guidance for Industry on Arsenic in Apple Juice: Action Level" until November 12, 2013. Following this deadline, the agency will publish a final guidance; however, the time frame for publication of the final guidance has not been announced. INC. Representing Over 30 Leading Nurseries in the U.S. and Europe 1-800-421-4001 Call us FIRST FOR THE LARGEST SELECTION OF TREES AND ROOTSTOCKS AVAILABLE 2015 CONTRACTS N W nursEr e ie roo NEW s, tstocks ! STILL AVAILABLE FOR APPLES & CHERRIES e es ar ROEE! FGR WERS c Servi TO Future contracts for cherries, pears & apples; ALL ROOTSTOCKS. Tel: 503-538-2131 • Fax: 503-538-7616 • Not satisfied with your current insurance situation? Manley Crop Insurance "Spray Records designed for the Tree Fruit Industry …" not the biggest agency in the Northwest... Outstanding personalized service • Over 30 years experience • No agent/policy "realignments" within agency • References upon request An Equal Opportunity Provider Sales closing for 2014 Fruit November 20, 2013 © Centricity, LLC Call Ann Manley today 888-786-7730 Good Fruit Grower NOVEMBER 2013 35

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