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November 2013

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CLASSIFIED 509-853-3520 800-487-9946 509-853-3521 fax classified advertising is effective and economical BIRD CONTROL EMPLOYMENT AVAILABLE WILSON IS THE LEADER in custom bird netting programs for all types of crops. Full line of bangers and bird irritant items. Call 509-453-9983. 61530 LARGE AND VERTICALLY integrated Apple, Pear and Cherry orchard seeks a progressive Lead Orchard Manager for all orchard operations. Must have advanced pear horticulture knowledge and growing experience. Company housing, 401(k), bonus program and family medical insurance included. Please send your complete resume and references to: Box 318, Good Fruit Grower, 105 S 18th St, Suite 217, Yakima WA 98901. 61884 NATURAL CONTROL. The American Kestrel Falcon will give you LOW COST bird control. Call Ben at Orchard Guard: 509-910-6598, www.orchard 61526 BLUEBERRY PLANTS BLUEBERRY NURSERY STOCK. Our focus is customer success. Best variety selection. Plants available now. Impeccable service and grower support. Fall Creek Nursery, www.fallcreeknursery .com, 800-538-3001. 61534 CONSULTING TECHNICAL TROUBLESHOOTING and consulting on apple/pear/cherry/ grapes specializing in plant physiology, soil nutrition, plant nutrition, pathology/diseases, automated drip/ micro irrigation, orchard renovation, grafting, nursery stock production, logistical planning, technical training, and project management. Proven results since 1972. VisionLogic/Greg Benner,Yakima, Washington 509-8333486., www.vslg. com. 61876 CROWN GALL CONTROL GALLTROL: THE MOST effective prevention of crown gall disease for 30 years! Unlike other crown gall control products that are made overseas and months prior, GALLTROL is produced DAILY in our California laboratory. Each plate of GALLTROL contains over 120 billion freshly-grown, vigorous bacterial cells that aggressively colonize wounds to block infection. For GALLTROL, call 530-586-1561; www. or e-mail: agbiochem 61826 EQUIPMENT FOR SALE FIND EQUIPMENT for your farming operation at Wilson's. www.farmit again .com. Used equipment, buy/ sell. 61543 EQUIPMENT REPAIR ALUMINUM ORCHARD LADDER repair: We repair all brands of aluminum ladders. Tallman factory authorized. Call for drop off locations or pick-up. 509-884-1750 or 509-6692822. 61539 Good Fruit Grower WORKS FOR YOU! While our writers and photographers produce the best fruit production magazine in the world, and our sales staff and designers provide exceptional services, we could not do our jobs without your advertising support. We believe by providing superior and ethical editorial content, we set the stage for your compelling message to be seen by growers. Contact our sales department, today. 1-800-487-9946 FROST PROTECTION FROST OR FREEZE protection got you down? Warm up with AgHeat's propane heaters to protect your crops. Call or e-mail,, 541-400-4875. 61828 FRUIT TREES STAN PETERSON FRUIT Tree Sales, representing the nation's premier fruit tree nurseries to serve you, the grower, with the best. Call 888-333-1464, or e-mail, for the newest apple varieties, sweet and tart cherries, peaches and more. 61542 CONTRACT NOW for 2015 & 2016 delivery of quality custom grown apple trees on Certified Virus Free M-9 T-337 rootstock. Growing plans to fit your needs since 1972. Call TreeLogic at (509) 833-3486 anytime, www.vslg. com. 61877 FUMIGATION TRIDENT AGRICULTURAL Products, Inc., specializing in soil fumigation for orchards, vineyards, hops, berries, nurseries, and other crops. Hood River or The Dalles, 971-563-8848; Yakima and Wenatchee, 509-728-2004; Okanogan Valley and Columbia Basin, 509731-5424; Northwest Washington, 360-630-4285. 61598 CUSTOM ORCHARD fumigation Re-planting? No job too small. Call now to schedule your 2012 applications. 509-687-9572 Serving all of Washington. Visit us at CustomOrchardFumi gation .com 61586 GRAFTING SALVADOR ZARAGOSA professional grafting, chip budding, and budding bench grafting. We guarantee 95% take. Mobile, 509-961-2986. 61341 PROFESSIONAL GRAFTING and service. Small and large acreage. 20 years' experience. Jose Mendez, 509-5840034 or (mobile) 509-949-1321. 61556 COATES GRAFTING COMPANY, specializing in top working cherries. Over 35 years experience. Ken Coates, 509662-1882; 509-668-0262 (mobile). 61385 GRAFTING AND BUDDING supplies. Two types graft machines, waxes, budding rubbers. Top of the line grafting knives, online, 509-453-9983. 61552 FULL SERVICE FIELD grafting including chainsawing. Over 25 years' experience, with practically same crew for over 15 years. Gary McMonagle Grafting. 509-669-1686. 61560 ZAMORA'S GRAFTING. Many central Washington growers satisfied with our unsurpassed results. Over 30 years' experience. Contact Ramiro Zamora at 509-689-6932 or 509-733-2754. Now filling applications for bench grafting. 61830 CONTRACT NOW for Winter/Spring 201-14 bench grafting of apple and pear tree/rootstock. More than 40 years experience…millions grafted. Your rootstock or ours. Since 1972. TreeLogic/Greg Benner, Yakima, Washington. E-mail: gregb@tree Web-site: www.treelogic 61878 GROWER HOUSING SUPPLIES STURDY METAL BUNK beds and mattresses for H2-A farm worker housing. Two week lead time from order to delivery. Free on-site delivery with larger orders. Call Crown Furniture, Wenatchee, WA, 509-663-4814 or 509670-4011; fax 509-663-6326; or e-mail today for a quote. 61832 SPECIAL "SLEEP PACKS" Available now! Includes 33" X 75" 3 lb sleeping bag, standard pillow and pillow case. Call or email for our best price! Crown Furniture, Wenatchee, WA, 509-6634814 or 509-670-4011; fax 509-6636326; or e-mail today for a quote. 61831 GROWER SERVICES FIND ANYTHING, anytime, anywhere in the world. Are you searching for hard-to-find items, supplies, or Do they include things like equipment, irrigation, packing equipment, fertilizer, bamboo, plant material, services, or technical inputs? If you are over-the-top while looking SourceNet, Ltd. today! We can find anything and supply everything? 509-833-3486. (See display ad.) 61885 NURSERY STOCK STONEWALL=81 Hybrid willows, fast growing, excellent windbreak and privacy screen. 1ft-2ft trees starting @ $1.50; 5ft-8ft trees starting @ $6.00. Bulk pricing available=AD Call us today! 800-421-4001. 61892 ORCHARDS FOR SALE 19+ ACRES, 4 parcels, older mobile home. 509-952-5281. 61773 ORCHARD LEASE WANTED LEASING FARMS? Dedicated and experienced farmer interested in leasing apple, cherry and pear farms in eastern Washington. Call 509-4802196. 59359 ORCHARD SUPPLIES WILSON IS YOUR SOURCE for all types of fabric and plastics used in farming. Shade, wind screens, greenhouse films, and mulches. 509-4539983. 61571 WILSON'S HIGH Spanish style greenhouse tunnels. Early and increased production and crop protection. www. 800-232-1174. 61567 PACKING EQUIPMENT PORTABLE HYDROCOOLER and cherry sorting tables, portable Rainier line, portable Rainier line, and portable cherry sorting belt. 206-321-8378. 61833 USED PACKING EQUIPMENT: We specialize in meeting your needs for used cherry, apple and soft fruit packing and hydro cooling equipment. We custom fabricate as well. Call 206-3218378. 61834 ROOTSTOCKS TRECO® ROOTSTOCKS mean quality. Buy from the industry leader. TRECO has supplied 60 percent of the nation's malus rootstock needs to the nurseries for more than 70 years. Go directly to the source and buy the rootstocks trusted and preferred by the major nurseries: TRECO; PO Box 98, Woodburn, OR 97071. Ph: 1-800-871-5141; fax: 503-634-2344; e-mail: rootstocks@ or Web site: 61582 CARLTON PLANTS, LLC is a quality grower of virus-certified rootstocks and seedlings for fruit, flowering, and shade trees. Apple: M9-NIC, M26, M7, M25, MM106, MM111, domestic. Cherry: Mazzard, Mahaleb. Pear: calleryana, communis. Plum: M29C, St. Julian. For questions or to place an order, please call our sales department, 800-398-8733 or fax 800-4421452. 59528 STEEL APPLE and grape trellis. Custom systems available. Bamboo, treated wood, top of the line quality and service. Online catalog. Wilson Vineyard and Orchard Supply, Yakima, WA. 509-453-9983, www.wilsonirr .com. 61594 TRELLIS SUPPLIES. Largest manufacturer direct selection available: Jim's Supply, euro posts, organic wood, PWP wood posts, Davis wire, ToughStrand fencing, bamboo and more. 800-653-2216 Ext 1, www.ovs. com. 61890 TRELLIS INSTALLATION TRELLIS INSTALLATION and repairs. Apple trees and grapes. 10 years experience. Competitive rates. 509-9498277.. 61886 TREE SPREADERS BEST PRICING: notched and nailed. Wilson, 509-453-9983. 61606 COPENHAVEN FARMS NURSERY. "We're at the Root of The Business." Quality Oregon-grown rootstock and seedlings for fruit, flowering, and shade trees. Specializing in virus-free apple, cherry, plum, and pear rootstock since 1982. Christopher and Marilyn Dolby 503-985-7161; Fax: 503985-7876. E-mail: copenhavenfarms @, www.copenhavenfarms. com. 61578 TREE TRAINING? Call Treeform NOW! "U"spreader or the one and only "V" eastern 519-599-2299 or western 209-484-8502. 61836 FIRDALE NURSERY, certified apple rootstocks: EMLA 7, EMLA 106, EMLA 111, M 9 (337) and BUD 9. Beaverton, OR. 503-628-2755. 61835 CHINOOK WIND MACHINES, sales/ service. All makes, new/used. H.F. Hauff Company, Inc., 509-248-0318. WILLAMETTE NURSERIES offers Oregon-grown, virus-certified fruit tree rootstock, including popular M.9 clones and fruit tree seedlings (apple, cherry, pear and plum.) Excellent quality, reasonably priced. Outstanding service. Visit our updated website, including availabilities, at: www. Willamette Nurseries, 25571 S. Barlow Rd., Canby, OR 97013. 800-852-2018, 503-2636405. E-mail: 61871 CERTIFIED VIRUS Free M9-T337 rootstock for Spring 2014 delivery. Order now by calling TreeLogic at 509833-3486 anytime. 618880 SPRAYERS COMPLETE LINE of mist sprayers. Swihart Sales Company, Quinter, KS. 800-864-4595, www.swihart-sales. com. 60050 STAKES / POSTS / POLES QUALITY PAYS—PRINCETON Wood Pre servers pressure-treated posts, poles. Quoted by truckload. #10477 Martin St., Penticton, B.C. V2A 5L2. Plant phone: 250-492-9190, fax: 250-492- 175, toll free, 877-797-7678. E-mail:; Web: www. 61602 PANHANDLE FOREST PRODUCTS: Quality posts, poles, and stakes. CCA pressure-treated, with delivery. Partial loads. 888-289-7678; www.pan handle .com. 59950 POSTS, POLES, AND STAKES: Pressure treated in the USA. Various sizes and lengths. Untreated available for organic growers. Jasper Enterprises, Inc.; PO Box 102; Chattaroy, WA 99003; phone 800-238-6540; or e-mail sales@ 61590 TREE TRAINING TREE TRAINING and trellis supplies online at 61610 WIND MACHINES 61618 CASCADE WIND MACHINE Service, distributor of Orchard-Rite® wind machines. PO Box 9308; Yakima, WA 98909, phone 509-457-9196; Wenatchee, WA 509-662-2753; British Columbia, 250-495-7245. 61614 WIND MACHINE SALES: sales/service, new and used wind machines. 61622 509-877-2138. FRUITRIVIA ANSWERS ANSWERS TO QUIZ ON PAGE 46 Q1. c.. "Defect sorting could reduce costs," January 15, 2013 Q2. b.. "Robotic harvester would be costly," August 2012. Q3. d.. "Platform builder keeps it simple," November 2013 Q4. c.. "Frost protection strategies," February 1, 2013. Q5 d.. "Platform improves efficiency," April 1, 2013. Q6 c.. "Weed zapper," April 15, 2013. Q7 a. "Paying by the pound," August 2013. Q8 b.. "Over-the-row harvesting," September 2013. CLASSIFIED ADS are $1.25 per word per insertion. Ads up to ten words are charged a minimum of $12.00. The first one to four words are set in boldface capital letters. Include name, address, and phone number in figuring the cost. Count hyphenated words as two words. Count each initial, abbreviation, symbol, whole number, as one word. State and zip code count as two words. BLIND BOX SERVICE is available for additional $10.00 per issue (plus word count). Replies forwarded daily, postage paid. GOOD FRUIT GROWER NOVEMBER 2013 45

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