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November 2013

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Good Job Industry people in the news. Award-winning weather watcher H owerful P Effective & Disease Control Broad Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide Treat your crops with OxiDate 2.0 and kill disease on contact. OxiDate 2.0's unique Activated Peroxygen Chemistry is proven to control and prevent diseases including: • Fire Blight • Powdery Mildew • Apple Scab • Apple Rust ® LLC Simply Sustainable. Always Effective. 1.888.273.3088 | ©2013 Copyright BioSafe Systems. Always read and follow label directions. 6 erb Teichman, a Randi Harnden fruit grower from Eau Claire, Michigan, and tart cherries, nectarreceived recognition from ines, peaches, pears, and the National Oceanic & plums. Herb Teichman visits his weather station Atmospheric AdminisHerb and his wife, Liz, every day, and has done so for 45 years as an tration recently for his 45 are known nationally observer for the National Weather Service. years of participation in as the inventors—and the National Weather Serannual hosts of—the vice's Cooperative Weather Station Observer Program. International Cherry Pit Spitting Contest. The 41st Jeffrey Logsdon, acting meteorologist-in-charge of annual event will be held July 6, 2014. the Northern Indiana National Weather Service forecast Part of their orchard is devoted to more than 200 varioffice near Syracuse, presented the award. eties of heritage apples. They offer farm tours. They also "Cooperative observers are the bedrock of weather have a Rent-A-Tree program. Participants can visit their data collection and analysis," Logsdon said. "Satellites, tree, bring a picnic lunch, and at harvest time, the apples high-speed computers, mathematical models, and other are theirs to pick. technological breakthroughs have brought great benefits to the nation in terms of better forecasts and warnings. Apple Commission staff changes But without the century-long accumulation of accurate andi Harnden has joined the Washington Apple weather observations taken by volunteer observers, Commission as export coordinator. Her appointment scientists could not begin to adequately describe the is part of a staff reorganization following the departure climate of the United States. We cannot thank Mr. Teichof Chris Scott, the commission's export trade specialist, man enough for his years of service to America." two months ago. Danelle Trovato, export assistant, was Teichman began participating in the observer propromoted to his position, and Harnden takes Trovato's gram in 1968, monitoring weather from a recording place. The administrative assistant position of Marcie station on his farm, taking over from his father, WilHuber was eliminated. liam, who founded the site in 1923. Teichman records Harnden is an apple and cherry grower in Cashmere, daily temperature, precipitation, snowfall, snow depth, Washington, and has worked for the Eastmont School and snowfall water equivalency, and mails his records District in East Wenatchee for the past six years. She has monthly to the National Weather Service. Some 11,000 experience with Web site oversight, food safety, state regvolunteer observers participate in that way. ulations, and marketing. The Teichman family owns and operates Tree-Mendus Fruit, which includes orchards, a farm market, and pick-your-own fruit. They grow apples, apricots, sweet R B Joe Sardinha unified the B.C. tree fruit industry ritish Columbia orchardist Joe Sardinha will be remembered for his efforts to unify the tree fruit industry both within the province and across Canada. Sardinha, president of the British Columbia Fruit Growers' Association from 2005 to 2011, died August 31 of a heart attack. He was 52. Glen Lucas, general manager of the association, said Sardinha was passionate about the future of the industry and improving its performance both in terms of product quality and financial returns. He strongly supported efforts to consolidate the packing industry, and helped move forward the merger of four packing houses into the Okanagan Tree Fruit Cooperative. "That's something that our industry had been talking about for 50 years," Lucas said. "During his seven years as president of the association what he was probably most concerned with was building bridges with other organizations and keeping the co-op on a positive track." Sardinha helped develop national and international strategies for the Canadian tree fruit industry. Within the province, he fostered a close working relationship with organizations representing other agricultural sectors, Lucas said. "I think that came about because Joe really had this view that if all of agriculture does well, that means that tree fruits will be better off as well. If particular commodities were having a tough time, typically Joe was one of the first to get behind and support them in their drive for getting some response from government." As well as working with the BCFGA, Sardinha served on the B.C. Agriculture Council and was a director of the Canadian Horticulture Council. He represented British Columbia on the Canadian Federation of Labour's national council, and served on the province's Growing Forward Advisory Committee and the Risk Management Advisory Committee. Sardinha was born in Portugal. His family emigrated to British Columbia when he was four years old. His father, Jack, bought an orchard in Summerland after working in the fruit industry for more than a decade. Joe and his wife, Julie, went into partnership with his parents and leased additional orchards in Summerland. Sam DeMaria, a grower at Kelowna, British Columbia, said Sardinha had an ability to hold the industry together. "And I hope we can continue with that goal." NOVEMBER 2013 Good Fruit

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