November 2013

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PRODUCTS ON DISPLAY IN SAN ANTONIO TempLine removable synthetic turf paint TempLine water based paints are easy to apply and remove, with outstanding brightness, opacity, play durability and weather resistance in between. TempLine paint is available in three grades, depending on your need for extended durability versus short term utility and ease of removal. All three grades come ready to use in a broad range of colors formulated to dry fast and stay flexible without binding together turf fibers or infill granules. TempLine paints are valued for the brightness and durability they provide without creating heavy build-up. Eco Chemical, Inc. Streamliner dryline marker The Streamliner is simply the best dryline marker in the business. With its variable flow control, field testing has proven the Streamliner is the best for the quality of the chalk line while using less chalk than its competition. A heavy-duty steel frame, pneumatic tires, rugged molded plastic hopper, flexible brush agitator, accurate string-line guides, and a one-button retractable handle for easy storage set the Streamliner apart. Available in 2-, 3-, and 4-wheel models with optional Double-Play aerosol paint attachment. Beacon Athletics App measures relative greenness The FieldScout GreenIndex+ Turf app allows users to measure turf health via relative greenness using a smartphone camera. The app quickly and conveniently captures images from a smartphone, calculates the DGCI (Dark Green Color Index), and correlates to visual ratings. Users can customize the visual rating calculation for different species of grass and specific plots of land. Measurements can be compared to identify variability or trends in turf health across sports fields and golf courses, providing valuable data for decisions regarding fertilization and irrigation. All data is logged and geo-referenced, and can be emailed to a personal computer for further analysis. Spectrum Technologies Hunter announces I-Core 3.0 Solar Sync The controller now has built-in compatibility with the Hunter Solar-Sync climate sensor, allowing automatic self-adjustment for changing weather conditions. The new version of the I-Core controller features a Solar Sync dial position, and allows all sensor setup functions from the main control panel. The controller also permits a Solar Sync Delay feature, allowing the installer to specify a number of days before the controller switches to automatic adjustment mode. Version 3 I-Core controllers need only add a Solar Sync Sensor, or the increasingly popular wireless version of the sensor, to take full advantage of automated water saving technology. Each of the controller's 4 irrigation programs may be set to use the weather adjustment, or to run individually without automatic adjustment for special applications. Hunter Industries Pro-Stripe Extreme White marking paint Whitlam Paint offers a wide range of athletic field marking paint including Pro-Stripe Extreme White. Our exclusive formula is environmentally friendly, has higher solids and a low VOC content. It also contains Optiwhite optical brighteners for better reflectance under UV stadium lights and sunlight. Making it the brightest and most durable field paint we manufacturer. Dilution rates vary up to 3:1 for better savings. Extreme White can actually stimulate root growth and development allowing grass to remain vibrant and healthy. Whitlam Paint Company Got geese? Do you have geese at your facility? If yes, then it's important that you know about our line of products that can and will solve your geese problem. Solar powered, maintenance free, easy to install, no harm to geese or your environment. Guaranteed to work or your money back. We also provide a no cost/no obligation "Placement Survey" to assure the right product and placement. Shipping is free. Geese Problem Solved A-Turf Titan has 12-year warranty A-Turf Titan is the ultimate synthetic turf surfacing system, featuring the best combination of A-Turf's blended Mono & XP fiber design, creating an amazingly plush, natural looking surface with outstanding performance, durability attributes and backed by an industry-leading 12-year warranty. When installed with a resilient ShockPad (with a 25-plus-year life cycle), Titan has the industry's best safety rating, resulting in less severe and fewer concussions from surface impact, throughout the system's life. Featuring optimal footing, true ball roll and ideal shock absorption, A-Turf Titan can be engineered for optimal play of a specific sport or multiple sports played on one field. A-Turf New Smithco Super Liner The new SMITHCO SUPER LINER offers precision lining, ease-of-operation and superior agitation and features front- and sidemounted marking boxes for straight or circular lining and a 16 hp Vanguard engine. Hypro-diaphragm pump provides pressure ranging from 0 to 150 PSI. Easy operation hydraulic wheel motors for smooth transitions for starting and stopping and hand control for constant speed. Smithco 38 SportsTurf | November 2013

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