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December 2013

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"We're in the business of partnership," said Carlson, who played hockey and baseball until recently and considers himself a team player in business as well. "Once we sign the license, we're in partnership with the license holders, and the growers, and the packers for at least 20 years. It's about maintaining that partnership, and friendship, and knowledge of everyone you're in business with. That was not done very well in the past." For the first ten years or so of PICO's existence, all the varieties were released on an open basis, with only tree royalties collected. When varieties began to be released under a managed system, with licensees paying additional fees for exclusive access, PICO was able to become self-sufficient. It has been a profitable company for the past eight years. Carlson said the Summerland breeding program has many more varieties in the pipeline. Some will be licensed exclusively to a limited number of producers, while others will be available to all g growers. —Keith Carlson Varieties might be introduced in a similar way to SweeTango, a managed variety from Minnesota. The management company established production rules and found growers willing to follow those rules to ensure the variety's success. PICO will no longer operate on a trial-and-error basis, he stressed. There'll be more testing of varieties before they're introduced, and the introductions will be more targeted, he said. Growers will no longer be told, "Go and plant this and let's see if we can market it later." SLIMLINE MANUFACTURING LTD. "Once we sign the license, we're in partnership with the license holders, and the growers, and the packers for at least 20 years." • Turbomist technology allows all growers the ability to reduce drift substantially and save 25% to 40% of their annual spray fuel bill, at the same time. A Growing Legacy Since 1816 Looking good for digging! Many varieties still available. SLIMLINE MANUFACTURING LTD. 1 800 495 6145 best selection 800-435-8733 Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards Co. Come visit us December 2–4, 2013, Booth 198-199, at Wenatchee Convention Center! GOOD FRUIT GROWER DECEMBER 2013 65

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