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PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS Main Effect/ Mode of Action Foliar Absorbed Uptake Root Absorbed Overseeding Registration2 Registration for Closecut Greens Poa Annua Centipedegrass Uses Bahiagrass Kikuyugrass Perennial Ryegrass Fine Fescues Creeping Bentgrass Tall Fescue Kentucky Bluegrass St. Augustinegrass Bermudagrass Active Ingredient Zoysiagrass Turfgrass Registrations1 Main Effect/ Mode of Action ETHEPHON (PROXY) Growth/seedhead inhibition FLURPRIMIDOL Growth/seedhead inhibition MEFLUIDIDE Growth/seedhead inhibition MEFLUIDIDE+IMAZETHAPYR +IMAZAPYR+IMAZAPYR Growth/seedhead inhibition METHYL CHLORFLURENOL Growth/seedhead inhibition PACLOBUTRAZOL 1 GA inhibitor TRINEXAPAC ETHYL GA inhibitor Labels may not allow all uses on all turfgrasses indicated. Check product labels for specific use instructions. 2 This table indicates which products' labels specify overseeding use. Others may not specify this use but do not forbid it either, and so may be appropriate for this use. PGRS FOR LANDSCAPE ORNAMENTALS* Active Ingredient Primary Use(s) CYTOKININ Improves flower and fruit set and general plant growth. Reduces growth of trees, shrubs and groundcovers; DIKEGULAC-SODIUM reduces flowering and fruit on olive, privet, Japanese holly and multiflora rose. Eliminates fruit on olive, crabapple and carob trees; ETHEPHON (FLOREL) removes mistletoe from coniferous and deciduous trees. Provides growth suppression of woody landscape FLURPRIMIDOL ornamental and perennial ground covers. INDOLE-3-BUTYRIC ACID Microinjection for flower/fruit elimination on sweetgum. (AUXIN) MALEIC HYDRAZIDE Reduces growth of trees and shrubs. Reduces growth of trees, shrubs, ground covers MEFLUIDIDE and herbaceous ornamentals. METHYL CHLORFLURENOL Eliminates fruit set, reduces plant growth. NAPHTHALENE ACETIC Prevents root suckering and trunk and basal sprouts in woody ornamentals. ACID (NAA) PACLOBUTRAZOL Growth suppression of trees. SOURCES OF PGRS1 Active Ingredient Brand (Manufacturer) CYTOKININ Agriplex PGR for T&O (Agrisel USA) DIKEGULAC-SODIUM Atrimmec (PBI-Gordon) ETHEPHON Ethephon 2 SL (Quali-Pro) Florel (BRANDT Monterey) Pistill (BRANDT Monterey) Proxy (Bayer) FLURPRIMIDOL Cutless (SePRO) INDOLE-3-BUTYRIC ACID Snipper (Tree Tech) MEFLUIDIDE Embark T&O, Embark 2-S (PBI-Gordon) MEFLUIDIDE + Stronghold (PBI-Gordon) IMAZETHAPYR+IMAZAPYR * Does not include PGRs registered only for greenhouse/nursery use. NAPHTHALENE ACETIC ACID (NAA) CONTACT INFORMATION Agrisel USA Inc. PBI-Gordon Corp. (800) 419-7779 The Andersons Inc. (800) 884-3179 PACLOBUTRAZOL Cambistat, Trimtect (RTSA) Profile (SePRO) Tide Paclo (Quali-Pro, SipcamAdvan) TGR (Andersons)2 Trimmit (Syngenta) Turf Enhancer (Andersons)2 TRINEXAPAC ETHYL Governor G (Andersons) Groom PGR (SipcamAdvan) Primo MAXX (Syngenta) T-NEX I AQ (Quali-Pro) T-Pac SPC MEC (Nufarm) Trinexapac ethyl 1 AQ (PrimeraOne) SePRO (877) 247-4735 Sucker Stopper Concentrate/RTU (BRANDT Monterey) SipcamAdvan (800) 225-2639 PrimeraTurf (770) 675-3382 Bayer Corporation (800) 331-2867 Quali-Pro (800) 242-5562 BRANDT Monterey (559) 499-2100 Rainbow Treecare Scientific Nufarm (800) 345-3330 Advancements (952) 922-3810 (866) 429-0887 Syngenta (866) SYNGENTA Tree Tech (352) 528-5335 1 No endorsement is implied by this listing, nor is criticism implied by omission. 2 Available in combination with granular fertilizers, as well as singly as a liquid. 2014 | Total Landscape Care | Chemical Guide 37

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