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Burndown Foliar Uptake Soil Residual/ Root Uptake Active Ingredient Soil Fumigant NON-SELECTIVE HERBICIDES Brands (Suppliers)2 Ammoniated salt/soap of fatty acids Herbicidal Soap (Monterey L&G) Quick Fire (BRANDT Monterey) Citric acid, malic acid, clove oil Phydura (Soil Technologies) Diquat SPC 2L (Nufarm) Reward (Syngenta) Finale (Bayer) Diquat dibromide Glufosinate-ammonium2 AquaMaster, Roundup Pro, Roundup Pro Concentrate, Roundup Pro Dry, Roundup ProMax (Monsanto) Clear-Out 41 Pro Plus, Glystar Pro (Agrisel USA) GlyphoMate 41 (PBI-Gordon) GlyPho-Sel Pro, GlyPho-Sel Pro 41% (Agrisel) Glyphosate T&O (Quali-Pro) KleenUp Pro (Direct Solutions) Razor, Razor Pro (Nufarm) Touchdown Pro (Syngenta) Glyphosate Hexazinone QuickPRO (Monsanto) Razor Burn (Nufarm) Pronto (PBI-Gordon) ProDeuce (Nufarm) Weed Impede 2-in-1 (Monterey L&G) Pronone Power Pellet (Pro-Serve) Sodium chlorate + sodium metaborate BareSpot Monobor-Chlorate (Pro-Serve) Sodium chlorate + sodium metaborate + bromacil BareSpot Ureabor (Pro-Serve) Sodium chlorate + sodium metaborate + diuron BareSpot Weed & Grass (Pro-Serve) Glyphosate + diquat dibromide Glyphosate + imazapyr Glyphosate + prodiamine Sodium chlorate + sodium metaborate + diuron + bromacil 1 Neither the publisher nor the author implies endorsement by the listing, nor does omission imply criticism. So-called "brush control" products are considered selective (for broadleaf plants) and are not included here. Always read and follow label instructions for speciļ¬c application and safety instructions. BareGround 21 (Pro-Serve) 2 Glufosinate-ammonium is listed as a burndown. However, it also has limited systemic activity. So it is quicker-acting than some systemics, with better control of woody and perennial weeds than contacts. 3 Use only where no future landscaping is planned, such as under concrete. 4 Restricted-use pesticide. 5 Available as an aerosol only. CONTACT INFORMATION Agrisel USA Inc. 877-247-4735 Direct Solutions 970-292-9000 BASF Professional T&O 919-547-2000 Bayer Environmental Science 800-331-2867 BRANDT Monterey 559-499-2100 Dow AgroSciences 800-255-3726 Monsanto 800-332-3111 Nufarm Americas Inc. 800-345-3330 PBI-Gordon Corp. 800-884-3179 Pro-Serve Inc. 877-776-7375 Quali-Pro 800-242-5562 Soil Technologies Corp. 800-221-7645 Syngenta 866-SYNGENTA Weed Killer. 100% Natural. Non-Selective. Ideal for schools, playgrounds, dog parks. Info & Orders @1-800-221-7645/x105. 38 Total Landscape Care | Chemical Guide | 2014 Text INFO to 205-289-3796 or visit

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