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ADJUVANTS & WETTING AGENTS Category Description Trade Names (Suppliers) ACIDIFIER Lowers the pH in spray mixes. Adjust, Buffer 10, Monterey Super 7 (BRANDT Monterey) ACTIVATOR Increases activity of pesticides, improving absorption by the target plant. Herbicide Activator, MSO, Rocket DL, Super 7 (BRANDT Monterey) Activator 90 (CPS) BIO 90 (KALO, Inc.) Microyl, Pen-A-Trate II, Persist Ultra, Speed (Precision Laboratories, Inc.) BUFFER Add to tank mix to stabilize pH, making mix more resistant to changes in pH. Adjust, Buffer-Ten, No Foam B, Super 7 (BRANDT Monterey) Restore, Spray Prep, WaterFX (KALO, Inc.) New Balance (Precision Laboratories, Inc.) COLORANT Adds color to the spray mix to improve spray pattern detection. Green Graphics, Green Lawnger, Turf Mark Blue & Green (Becker Underwood) H2O Blue, Mark-It Blue, Mark-It Green, Mark-It Red (BRANDT Monterey) Grass Greenzit (Cleary) Aquamark, Turf Trax Blue & Green (CPS) Foam Dye (KALO, Inc.) Gordon's Spray Colorant (PBI-Gordon) Signal, Signal Blue EZ Solupak, Signal Green EZ Solupak, Super Signal Blue, Super Signal Green (Precision Laboratories, Inc.) CONDITIONING AGENT Softens water to reduce problems associated with hard water, allowing increased pesticide performance. Invigorate Soil Conditioner and Enhancer (Agrisel) Condition XTRA, N-pHURIC GTO (BRANDT Monterey) Choice Weather Master (CPS) Restore, Spray Prep, WaterFX (KALO, Inc.) COMPATIBILITY AGENT Aids in effective combination of pesticides (and fertilizers) by preventing clumping and uneven distribution caused by incompatible chemicals. EZ Mix (CPS) Compex Compatibility Agent (KALO, Inc.) CROP OIL Increases the spray penetration while enhancing the spread of the pesticide. Crop Oil Concentrate, Monterey M.S.O. (BRANDT Monterey) Crop Oil Concentrate (KALO, Inc.) Persist Ultra (Precision Laboratories, Inc.) DEFOAMING/ ANTI-FOAMING AGENT Reduces foam buildup in the spray tank; especially for mixes that require vigorous agitation. Shakedown Liquid (Becker Underwood) Ultra 90-NF, Tripleline Foam Away (BRANDT Monterey) Defoamer (Cleary) Fighter F Dry, Fighter F10 (CPS) Anti-Foam (KALO, Inc.) Drift Down (Becker Underwood) STA-PUT Plus, Condition XTRA (BRANDT Monterey) Liberate (CPS) Spectra Max Tank Mix (KALO, Inc.) Jetwet (Poulenger USA, Inc.) Border EG 250, Direct (Precision Laboratories, Inc.) DRIFT-CONTROL Reduces spray drift by increasing the droplet size of the spray. AGENT Restore, Spray Prep, WaterFX (KALO, Inc.) SPREADER/ STICKER Allows pesticide to form a uniform layer on the target leaf surface by causing the spray droplet to adhere to the surface. CMR Spreader Sticker, Rocket DL, Silicone Super Wetter, Ultra 90-NF, Umbrella (BRANDT Monterey) ClearSpray T/O (Cleary) Bio-Film Extra (KALO, Inc.) Jetwet (Poulenger USA, Inc.) Chem-Stik (Precision Laboratories, Inc.) STICKER/ DEPOSITION Increases the adhesion of spray droplet on the treated surface, providing rain-fastness. Umbrella (BRANDT Monterey) ClearSpray T/O (Cleary) Jetwet (Poulenger USA, Inc.) Chem-Stik (Precision Laboratories, Inc.) Surface-active agents physically alter the surface tension of a spray droplet, allowing it to spread out evenly on leaf SURFACTANT/ surfaces, thereby increasing SPREADER/ exposure. Wetting agent is a WETTING AGENT type of surfactant that improves the ability of the water to penetrate water-repellent soils, increasing inīŦltration. AgriFact Pro Super Surfactant, Invigorate Soil Conditioner and Enhancer (Agrisel) Aqueduct, Dispatch Sprayable, Dispatch Injectable, Primer Select, Revolution, Sixteen 90 (Aquatrols) Crop Oil Concentrate, Magnify, Monterey M.S.O., No Foam A, Rocket DL, Silicone Super Wetter Torpedo, Ultra 90-NF, Umbrella (BRANDT Monterey) ClearSpray T/O (Cleary) Alleviate, Freeway, Mizer, Neptune, Respond 3 (CPS) Bio 90 Spreader Activator, H2O Maximizer, Hydro-Wet, Hydro-Wet Pellets, Medalist, Tournament-Ready, Tournament-Ready Pellets, Water-Rite, Water-Rite FC (KALO, Inc.) Aquabond, Jetwet, Jetwet HL (Poulenger USA, Inc.) Cascade Plus, Duplex, Magnus, Precision EZ Tabs (Precision Laboratories, Inc.) TANK CLEANER Removes pesticide and fertilizer residues from spray tanks. CMR Pesticide Equipment Cleaner, Spray Tank Scrubber (BRANDT Monterey) Neutralize, Nutra-Sol (Becker Underwood) Tank Cleaner (Cleary) All Clear, Tank & Equipment Cleaner (CPS) K-Klean Liquid Tank and Equipment Cleaner, Tank Cleaner Dry Formulation (KALO, Inc.) Incide-Out (Precision Laboratories, Inc.) THICKENER Reduces drift by increasing droplet size. Also increases the viscosity of the spray droplet to reduce evaporation and allow more time for absorption. Sanag 38-F, Sanag 41-A, Sta-Put Plus (BRANDT Monterey) Jetwet (Poulenger USA, Inc.) 2014 | Total Landscape Care | Chemical Guide 39

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