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ORNAMENTALS: INSECTICIDES & PESTS THEY CONTROL Whiteflies Wasps Snails/ slugs Scales/ mealybugs Sawflies Nematodes Mites (larvae) Leaf-eating caterpillars Leaf beetles Grasshoppers Fireants Borers (lepidopterous) Borers Form of application (coleopterous) Chemical class Ants Active ingredient Aphids Pests controlled1 MI, Sp Abamectin Glycoside Abamectin + debacarb Biological + fungicide Acephate OP Acequinocyl Naphthoquinone derivative SC Acetamiprid Chloronicotinyl Sp Azadirachtin Biological Sp −Cyfluthrin Pyrethroid Sp MI Sp, MI Beauveria bassiana Biological Sp Bifenthrin Pyrethroid Sp, G Sp Buprofezin IGR Carbaryl Carbamate Sp, Gr Chlorpyrifos OP Sp, Gr Clothianidin Chloronicotinyl Clothianidin + bifenthrin Chloronicotinyl+pyrethroid Sp Sp, G Cyfluthrin Pyrethroid Sp Cyromazine IGR Sp Deltamethrin Pyrethroid Sp Dicofol Organochlorine Sp Dicrotophos Neonicotinoid 4 MI OP Dinotefuron 3 Sp, Dr Disulfoton OP Gr Fenbutatin oxide Organotin Sp Fenoxycarb IGR Fipronil Phenylpyrazole Bait, Gr Flonicamid Pyridinecarboxamide Sp, SG Heterorhabditis megidis Biological Sp, Dr Hexythiazox Carboxamide Sp Hydramethylnon Imidohydrazene Bait Imidacloprid Chloronicotinyl Sp, Gr, MI, T Imidacloprid + debacarb Chloronicotinyl+fungicide Iron phosphate Inorganic Gr Lambda-cyhalothrin Pyrethroid Sp Metaldehyde Aldehyde Bait Methiocarb Carbamate WP Oil Petroleum Sp Oxydemeton methyl OP MI Permethrin Pyrethroid Sp Pymetrozine Pyridine azomethene Sp Pyrethrin Biological Sp Pyrethrin + rotenone Biological Sp MI Sp Bait Sodium Ferric EDTA Spinosad Sp, G Spinosyn/Microbial Spiromesifen Tetronic acid Sp Steinernema carpocapsae Biological Sp, Dr Steinernema riobrave Biological Sp, Dr Thiamethoxam Neonicotinoid WDG Trichlorfon OP Sp 1 General groupings. Consult labels for specific pests controlled. 2 Various strains are available, but are grouped together here. 3 Dipterous leafminers only. 4 Suppression only. 40 Total Landscape Care | Chemical Guide | 2014 5 Trunk-injected product. OP—organophosphate IGR—insect growth regulator MI—trunk injection or implant WDG—water-dispersible granule SC—soluble concentrate WP—wettable powder Sp–spray G–granular Dr–drench SG–soluble granule T–tablet

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