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Azoxystrobin Bacillus subtillus Strobilurin Biological Sp Sp SA Sp SA + BI Sp S/P 3 Inorganic Sp P Copper octanoate Cyazofamid Debacarb Debacarb + abamectin Debacarb + imidacloprid Fenarimol Inorganic Cyanoimidazole BI BI + insecticide BI + insecticide Pyrimidine Sp Sp MI MI MI Sp P S/P S S S S/P Fosetyl-Al OP Dr, Sp, MI S Fludioxinil Fluoxastrobin Fluoxastrobin + chlorothalonil Fluoxastrobin + mycobutanil Phenylpyrrole Strobilurin Strobilurin + SA Strobilurin + SI Sp, Dr L, G L L P S/P S/P S/P Iprodione Dicarboxamide Dr, Sp S/P Mancozeb DC Sp P Mancozeb + copper hydroxide DC + inorganic Sp P Mefenoxam Phenalamide Dr S Myclobutanil Triazole (SI) Sp S/P Oxytetracycline hydrochloride PCNB Antibiotic SA MI Dr, G S P Phosphites Inorganic Sp, MI S Potassium bicarbonate Inorganic Sp P Propamocarb Carbamate Dr, Sp P Propiconazole Triazole (SI) Sp, MI S Pyraclostroban Pyraclostroban + boscalid Strobilurin Strobilurin WDG WDG Tebuconazole Triazole (SI) MI, Sp S Thiophanate-methyl BI Dr, Sp, Dip S Sp, Dr S/P Copper Thiophanate-methyl + BI + iprodione dicarboxamide Thiophanate-methyl +mancozeb BI + DC Sp S/P Triadimefon Triazole (SI) Sp, MI S Trichoderma harzianum Trifloxystrobin Biological Strobilurin Dr, G Sp NA S/P 1 Wilts/ vascular pathogens Twig/shoot blight Rusts Root rots Needle casts /blights Mildews Leaf spots Leaf blight Bacterial diseases P Chlorothalonil + thiophanate methyl Brands and suppliers Heritage (Syngenta) Cease (BioWorks) Agrisel Chlorothalonil 720 T&O Fungicide (Agrisel USA) Chlorothalonil 720 SFT (Quali-Pro) Daconil Ultrex, Daconil WeatherStik, Daconil Zn Flowable (Syngenta) Spectro (Cleary) Tee-1-Up (SipcamAdvan) TM + CTN SPC (Nufarm) CuPRO 2005 T/N/O (SePRO) Liqui-cop, Nordox (Monterey) Camelot O (SePRO) Segway (FMC) Fungisol (JJ Mauget)4 Abasol (JJ Mauget)4 Imisol (JJ Mauget)4 Rubigan (Gowan) Aliette (Bayer, Monterey) Aliette Injectible (Tree Tech)4 Fosetyl-Al 80 WDG (Quali-Pro) Medallion (Syngenta) Disarm (Arysta) Disarm C (Arysta) Disarm G (Arysta) 26019, 26 GT (Bayer) Iprodione Pro 2SE (BASF) Iprodione SPC (Nufarm) Dithane, FORE Rainshield (Dow AgroSciences) Pencozeb 75 WDG (Agrisel) Pentathlon DF, Pentathlon LF (SePRO) Protect DF (Cleary) Junction (SePRO) Mefenoxam 2 AQ (Quali-Pro) Subdue Maxx (Syngenta) Eagle 20 EW (Dow AgroSciences) Myclobutanil 20 EW T&O (Quali-Pro) Myclotect (Rainbow Treecare) Mycoject Ultra (JJ Mauget) Pennstar Flo (Andersons) Agri FOS (Monterey) Alude (Cleary) ArborFos (JJ Mauget) Bio-phos (Agrisel USA) Magellan (Nufarm) Bi-Carb (Monterey) Kaligreen (Monterey) Milstop (BioWorks) Banol (Bayer) Alamo (Syngenta)4 Banner Maxx (Syngenta) ProPensity 1.3ME (SipcamAdvan) Propiconazole 14.3 (Quali-Pro) Propiconazole SPC (Nufarm) Shepherd (Arbor Systems)4 Insignia (BASF) Pageant (BASF) Sipcam Clearscape (SipcamAdvan) Tebuconazole 3.6F (Quali-Pro) Tebuject, Tebuject 16 (JJ Mauget)4 Torque (Cleary) 3336 (Cleary) Fungo (Andersons) T-Methyl SPC (Nufarm) TM85, TM 4.5F (Quali-Pro) Tee-Off 4.5 (SipcamAdvan) 26/36 Fungicide (Cleary) TM + IP SPC (Nufarm) Duosan (Andersons) Bayleton (Bayer) Systrex + Nutrient (Tree Tech)4 RootShield, PlantShield HC (BioWorks) Compass (Bayer) S/P P Chlorothalonil Anthracnoses Chemical class Disease registrations2 Systemic or protectant? Active ingredient Form of application ORNAMENTALS: FUNGICIDES FOR PESTS OF ORNAMENTALS Consult labels for specific tolerances, restrictions and recommendations. 3 2 These are general groupings only. Consult product labels for specific pathogen registrations. Various forms of copper are available but are grouped together here. 4 Trunk-injected product. 2014 | Total Landscape Care | Chemical Guide 41

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