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January/February 2011

City Trees is a premier publication focused on urban + community forestry. In each issue, you’ll learn how to best manage the trees in your community and more!

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E-City Trees: The Newest Application for Your Electronic Device! by David Sivyer, Editorial Review Committee Co-Chair Digital technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate with friends and family and conduct business. Within a few short years of the advent of email, written cor- respondence in print form has become as extinct as the woolly mammoth and has cost the U.S. Postal Service billions of dollars of lost revenue. Chances are by the time you read this article today, you will have already posted a message on someone’s Facebook wall, tweeted or texted a message to someone, or accessed your email or read the morning news highlights from your smart phone, iPad, or similar electronic hand-held device. Digital interface has become so entwined in our everyday routine that the thought of leaving home without it elicits greater fears than the absence of a credit card in your wallet. Beginning in 2011, City Trees magazine will be provided to SMA members in a new and exciting interactive digital format. Members responding to an online member survey in 2010 overwhelmingly supported the transition from a paper publica- tion to electronic format. Seventy-one percent of respondents liked the convenience and interactive experience of digital copy including immediate access to website hyperlinks and the ability to archive, browse, and share copies of e-City Trees with others in their business or social network. One in four respondents cited the importance of a paperless magazine as the greatest advantage of digital City Trees. And as with any electronic docu- ment, you’ll have the option to print the entire document or a selected article or single page. Another distinct digital advantage over paper copy is full color editorial content, which will improve the reading experience for members. Also, advertisers will appreciate the convenient reader access to their website through embedded hyperlinks and broadened advertiser exposure through the distribution of e-City Trees outside of SMA membership. SMA members will be notified bimonthly via email when the current issue of City Trees is available for online viewing from the SMA website. City Trees will be compatible with both Windows and Apple based electronic devices. Didn’t get what you really wanted for Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah? Get that new Kindle, iPad, or other electronic device that you’ve been eyeing, grab a cup of your favorite java, connect to the digital world underneath a beautiful flowering tree and enjoy your beautiful spring issue of digital City Trees! 15

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