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field can be a sign of an improperly treated clay soil base. Solutions to soil issues will vary as much as the soil itself and include: • Undercutting the soil and bringing in better dirt or rock. This is one of the more common solutions for clay soils. In most cases, rock will generally compact better to enhance stability. • Introducing lime to stabilize clay soil and reduce its plasticity and moisture-holding capacity. Using a cement material to improve sand and silt soils. If properly applied, the cement will mesh with the on-site soil to act as a lean concrete slab. • Using fly-ash material in the same way as cement and lime. In all cases, the intent is to induce a chemical reaction with the soil to improve the compressive and shearing strength. A geotechnical engineer should be consulted to determine the best product given the existing soil condition. When considering an investment of a $1 million or more in a new athletic field and subsequent replacement surfaces that will be needed every 10 years or so, it makes eminent sense to invest in a good sub-base. A thoughtful approach to stabilizing the soil will support the field and replacement surfaces over generations of use. n Jameson Sheley, CFB-S, CTB, is a certified field builder and certified track builder and project manager for Byrne & Jones Sports, which for more than three decades has installed more than 1,000 athletic surfaces. WANT TO REACH QUALIFIED BUYERS? • TARGETED LEADS • SUPERIOR PENETRATION • PROVEN VALUE • OUTSTANDING RESULTS Then rent our list of targeted, qualified readers for your next direct mail promotion. Call today for more information regarding our product lines and extensive database marketing programs. Cheryl Naughton 678-292-6054 Fax: 360-294-6054 SportsTurf 31

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