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Marketplace importance is the D1 protein because it exhibits the highest turnover rate of all the thylakoid proteins, and is highly vulnerable to singlet oxygen, a free radical. ANTIOXIDANTS The antioxidants a-tocopherol (vitamin E), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), carotenoids (Bcarotene), vitamin B6 and mannitol in some biostimulants play a vital role in scavenging free radicals and helping protect chloroplasts, thylakoid membranes inside the chloroplasts, photosystem I and photosystem II. In terms of its antioxidant properties, carotenoids can protect photosystem I and photosystem II in one of four ways: by reacting with lipid peroxidation products to terminate chain reactions; by scavenging singlet oxygen and dissipating the energy as heat; by reacting with triplet or excited chlorophyll molecules to prevent formation of singlet oxygen; or by dissipation of excess excitation energy through the xanthophyll cycle. Xanthophylls function as accessory pigments for harvesting light at wavelengths that chlorophyll can't and transfer the light energy to chlorophyll. But, they also absorb excess light energy and dissipate it to avoid damage in the xanthophyll cycle. 44 SportsTurf | December 2013 A-TOCOPHEROL (VITAMIN E) A-tocopherol (vitamin E) is considered a major antioxidant in chloroplasts in at least two different but related roles. It protects photosystem II from photoinhibition and thylakoid membranes from photooxidative damage. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E are the result of its ability to quench singlet oxygen and peroxides. ASCORBIC ACID (VITAMIN C) It's generally believed maintaining a high ratio of ascorbic acid is essential for the scavenging of free radicals and is needed in high concentrations in the chloroplasts to be effective in defending the turfgrass against oxidative stress. Although ascorbic acid can directly scavenge the free radicals superoxide and singlet oxygen, the main benefit ascorbic acid plays in the prevention of free radicals is that it's an excellent scavenger of the hydroxyl radical. The hydroxyl radical is dangerous to turfgrass because it can inhibit carbon dioxide assimilation by inhibiting several Calvin cycle enzymes. VITAMIN B6 Apart from its function as a cofactor, vitamin B6 is also thought to act as a protective agent against reactive oxygen species, U.S. Postal Service Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation (Required by 39 U.S.C. 3685) 1. Title of publication: SportsTurf 2. Publication No. 0000292 3. Filing Date: September 29, 2013 4. Issue Frequency: Monthly 5. No. of Issues Published Annually: 12 6. Annual Subscription Price: Free to Qualified Subscribers 7. Complete Mailing Address of Known Office of Publication: 1030 W. Higgins Road, Suite 230, Park Ridge, IL 60068-5761 Contact person: Joanne Juda, 630-543-0552 8. 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