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Y q Yes N q No 4 Yearly operating expenditures (excluding salaries) F q Over $1 million E q $500,001 - $1 million D q $100,001 - $500,000 C q $50,001 - $100,000 B q $25,001 - $50,000 A q $25,000 and under 5 Please also send a free subscription to the following people at the same location Name _____________________________________Title___________________________________ Name _____________________________________Title___________________________________ Continued from page 49 "We're not going anywhere on the planet where there is something, some diamond, already established," Fanning says. "More Than a Game is about spreading the game of baseball to new places and people so we can give them the gift of baseball, which we hold so dear." Bringing baseball to Bongo wasn't easy. It took two trips, the first of which came in the fall of 2012. A handful of More Than a Game volunteers traveled to Bongo and spent a week teaching children of two schools in the village how to play the game. In addition to educating them about the game, volunteers also outfitted the children with uniforms and equipment. The children had now learned the game and looked the part, but still there was no baseball diamond—only jungle. In a return trip to Bongo in July 2013, Fanning's team of volunteers, along with a group of local villagers, carved out a baseball diamond. "We built the diamond in 10 days," Fanning said. "It wasn't easy, I can tell you that, but when we finished you could tell it was a source of pride for the entire community. That's what we're all about." Corporate sponsorships from Turface Athletics, Warner's Athletic Pioneer Athletics Profile Products Redexim North America, Inc. SEAGO SportsTurf Managers Association Stabilizer Solutions STEC Equipment SubAir Systems TifSport Growers Association Turfco Manufacturing Turf-Tec TurfTime Equipment, LLC World Class Athletic Surfaces Page # Web Address 31 25 2 52 18 48 48 40 12 51 48 35 47 43 5 9 11 13 17 29 19 26-27 48 23 43 21 3 36 15 48 45 41 37 43 33 36 48 30 18 Construction and Memphis Nets helped secure the materials needed to make the field construction a reality, Fanning says. A $1,000 grant from Turface helped get equipment onsite to help construct the diamond and ensure it could be maintained in the future. Eight pallets of Turface MVP , two pallets of Turface Professional Mound Clay Red and two pallets of Red MoundMaster Blocks were used to create a sustainable, playable field. In some instances local materials were used in the construction, including fashioning foul poles and a backstop out of bamboo. "More Than a Game is doing an incredible job spreading the game we love to new parts of the world," said Jeff Langner, brand manager for Turface Athletics. "To be able to say we're a small part of that effort is so rewarding for everyone in the Turface Athletics family." Fanning says plans are already in the works to build a second diamond nearby and establish a league in the near future for the remote area of Panama. "This is just the beginning for More Than a Game," Fanning says. "If we can build a diamond in a jungle, we can build a diamond just about anywhere." n Jeff Salem is a public relations associate at Swanson Russell, Lincoln, NE. January 2014 | SportsTurf 49

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