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January 15

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What it does: Disrupts oviposition. Changes larval behavior by delaying larvae from finding fruit. Delays fruit entry and injury once fruit is found. How to use it: Simply tank mix with each insecticide and/or fungicide application. Restrictions: None. Compatible and no phytotoxicity. Longevity: More than 14 days residual. What you already know: The DA in CIDETRAK ® DA MEC is the same DA in the PHEROCON® CM-DA COMBO™ lure you use to monitor your Codling Moth. Researcher and User Comments: Dr. Doug Light, USDA - In multiple replicated field trials, CIDETRAK DA MEC improved performance of numerous insecticides on average up to 40% versus using insecticide alone. Added Bonus: Government researchers have also shown that CIDETRAK DA MEC applied for larval control enhances existing pheromone effect on adults. Features Contact your local supplier and order now. Benefits 1-866-785-1313. ® INCORPORATED

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