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January 15

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M.7/M.26/M.9 EMLA BUD 9 NIC ® 29 PAJAM 2 ® M.9 NAKB T-337 GENEVA ® 202/30/16/11 We also grow a great selection of rootstock varieties for apple, cherry, peach, pear and plum including: APPLE CHERRY PEACH PEAR PLUM MALUS ANTONOVKA MALUS DOLGO MALUS DOMESTICA PRUNUS AVIUM PRUNUS MAHALEB PRUNUS EMLA COLT PRUNUS BESSEYI PRUNUS PERSICA 'LOVELL' OH X F 87/97/333/513 PYRUS CALLERYANA PYRUS COMMUNIS PYRUS USSURIENSIS PRUNUS CERASIFERA PRUNUS MARIANA PRUNUS MYROBALAN PROVENCE QUINCE LIKE OUR ROOTSTOCK, our service will grow on you. ALL FRUIT TREE ROOTSTOCK IS OREGON CERTIFIED VIRUS FREE. Right place. Right time. The superior placement and enhanced availability of Wolf Trax® DDP® Micronutrients guarantee more consistent, early plant uptake for optimum growth and productivity. Ask for Wolf Trax and deliver micronutrients to your crops on time. Call 855.237.9653, or visit c a n b y, o r e g o n See our newly updated website, with all of our offerings & availabilities at ww w.w i llam e t t en u rs eries . com Inventories are low on many varieties. It's not too early to start thinking about next season. Let us know your needs so we can try to meet them for 2015. SCAN THIS CODE FOR MORE ABOUT ON-TIME MICRONUTRIENT DELIVERY, OR GO TO WOLFTRAX.COM/ONTIME Growing Forward ® ® I N N O VAT I V E N U T R I E N T S Wolf Trax®, DDP® and Growing Forward® are registered trademarks of Wolf Trax, Inc. ©2013. Not all products are registered in all areas. Contact for more information. 20198 GFG 5 0 3 - 2 6 3 - 6 4 0 5 To l l F r e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 8 5 2 - 2 0 1 8 GOOD FRUIT GROWER JANUARY 15, 2014 13

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