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January 15

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PHOTO BY GERALDINE WARNER Mike Robinson can afford to install shade cloth over his Honeycrisp blocks and overhead cool at current prices. the rest of the world some assurances that you guys are not going to blow this thing apart." "Based on past history, I can assure you we will," Mike Robinson responded, to laughter. Courtier said the West Coast commodity model is self-defeating. "Never forget you are growing food and people like to eat good food better than they like to eat bad food," he said. "I'm not really worried about 15 to 20 million boxes of good Honeycrisp, but 15 million boxes of bad Honeycrisp is the end of the variety. It's all about focusing on eating quality." "Amen," rippled through the audience. Terence Robinson said he felt there was still an untapped market for Honeycrisp because many consumers still haven't heard of it, and he hoped the various growing regions would be able to work together to maintain the pricing structure. The Fruit School was organized by Washington State University Extension. • It's all around us — from the best varieties to the highest quality rootstocks. With almost 40 years of experience, at ProTree Nursery, LLC, we grow some of the heartiest trees you can buy. As one of the leading suppliers of apple and cherry trees to orchard growers, our customers have come to depend on our quality. You can too. For a price quote or to inquire about specific varieties, call ProTree Nursery, LLC today. ® ® (USPP 16,624 P2) (USPP 10,115) (USPP 7526) ® ™ (USPP 7997) ™ (USPP applied for) (USPP 7197) ™ (USPP 19,007 McLaughlin cv) ™ ® (USPP 11,193) (USPP 11,992) ™ (USPP 10,016) Buckeye® (USPP 20,590) ® (USPP 10,840) ® ™ (USPP applied for) (USPP 12,900) (USPP 21,300) ™ ® (USPP 13,753 P2) Zestar!™ (serial 74/458,730) ® (USPP 16,620) Ultima (USPP 11,367) (USPP 9681) These apple varieties are available on B-10, B-118, EMLA-7, EMLA-26, EMLA-106, EMLA-111, G-11, G-16, G-30, M-9 337T, NIC®-29, or Supporter 4. ™ ™ ™ ™ ® ™ ® ™ ™ ™ ® ® Available on Colt, Gisela®, Krymsk®, Mahaleb, or Mazzard.* *Not all varieties are available on all rootstocks. Call for specific grafting information. 10500 Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood, CA 94513 800.634.1671 or 925.634.2191 (Alison Clegg or Richard Chavez) 877.457.6901 (Henry Sanguinetti) Fax 925.634.6040 GOOD FRUIT GROWER JANUARY 15, 2014 19

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