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January 15

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reduced, and the risks will positively be higher. On top of that, millions have been invested to create DPA-free environments for Europe-bound apples. Another important market, Israel, is now demanding research to prove that we can mitigate all growth stages of apple maggot. Curses on the maggot, but we have it! The fact that a number of those growth stages would never find its way into an apple carton seems irrelevant to them. But, since Israel is a valued export market, we have to adjust and meet the demands of the marketplace, or walk away. We are doing the research. Are there other options for the industry to consider? Cut exports and increase domestic sales? Is that a realistic choice? Based on what Washington harvested last year, and what the East and Midwest harvested this year, and considering that one of these years (maybe 2014), everyone could have "The Crop," stepping away from meeting export requirements is not an option. So, back to the title of this article: now, more than ever, we need to increase exports, we need to influence our leaders as to what needs to happen to grow foreign sales, and we need full access to emerging markets around the world. It will take more letters, more trips to Washington, D.C., more negotiations with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Trade Representative's office, and more collaboration among exporters across the country. Although the non-Washington apple states value their export markets, the burden will fall on team Washington to make the biggest impact on increasing export markets. We will do our part, and we want to be in the huddle with you. Who knows, we might even call an audible occasionally. We all need to win at this game. The burden will fall on team Washington to make the biggest impact on increasing export markets. • Your Partner in World Class Wine Production Thank You! John Grupp of East Wenatchee was the winning ticket holder for the WAEF benefit raffle prize: a 2014 Rears TTN Powerblast sprayer. John, at right, is pictured here with Mike Rear of Rears Manufacturing Company. Thanks to everyone who participated in this raffle fundraiser! Gary Goodman of East Wenatchee took home the silent auction prize, a Rears OMF756 orchard flail. Gary's winning bid boosts scholarship and grant programs: WAEF raised $45,000 at the 2013 WSHA show. Serving agriculture and industry in Central Washington since 1978 3019 GS Center Road Wenatchee, WA 98801 509-662-1888/509-662-8183 (fax) 1008 W. Ahtanum Road, #2 Union Gap, WA 98903 509-452-7707/509-452-7773 (fax) 800-545-4206 Raffle ticket sales this year generated more than 20,000 dollars for WAEF! A heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the Washington Apple Education Foundation 2013 Friendraising Drive Rears Manufacturing Company 800.547.8925 GOOD FRUIT GROWER JANUARY 15, 2014 37

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