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February 2014

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with Nautic Global Group CEO Jim Malone Nautic Global Group hosted a Q&A session with new CEO Jim Malone and several top dealers. n autic Global Group recently hosted a "fireside chat" for its leading dealers with Jim Malone, the company's new chairman and CEO. Nautic's brands include Hurricane, Parti Kraft, Godfrey, Rinker Polar Kraft and more. Malone has served as chairman or CEO of five Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries. Most recently before joining Nautic last fall, Malone was the founding managing partner of Qorval, LLC, where he managed or participated in more than 65 acquisitions and divestitures. Prior to taking the CEO position at Nautic, Malone had consulted with the company on multiple projects. The event was moderated by Matt Gruhn, president of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, and gave a select group of dealers and media a chance to ask questions of Malone in a faceto-face setting. The company also solicited questions from its dealer network ahead of the event. A video of the dealer Q&A session is available at 16 | Boating Industry | February 2014 P16x17-BI14FEB-CornerOfficeQ&A.indd 16 Following the video shoot, Boating Industry Editor in Chief Jonathan Sweet also had a chance to catch up with Malone. Boating Industry: Why host an event like this? MALONE: There's so much going on in the company right now … and our team felt that having the dealers see and hear and talk about a wide range of stuff would be beneficial. We've got so much going on simultaneously in all these different areas … we thought, let's do it now so our dealers, our suppliers have the chance to be a part of it and understand our growth. If we wait, it just gets lost in everything else that's going on. This way, it's an opportunity for people to focus on what we're saying and see why we're excited. 1/8/14 12:23 PM

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