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February 2014

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Building a better marina time on the water, more time to enjoy with their family because the boat's sitting at the bottom of the dock, so they jump in, and they go," president and owner Phil Miklo said. If customers want, the courtesy crew will also return the boat to the slip. Take care of the environment Marinas are situated in the midst of nature, with docks sitting in the water, and facilities placed waterside. Because of that, Chaney says marinas should be mindful of their environment, so boaters have a place to enjoy their sport for years to come. When Herrington Harbour set out to become an eco-lifestyle marina, the business took that to heart in every aspect of its operation. "Basically before making any decision, we look at the impact that it's going to have on the environment," Chaney reported. To that effect, Herrington Harbour created four acres of Spartina marshes, installed a system to recycle 100 percent of the wastewater at its wells, developed a No Discharge Zone at its bay, added no flush urinals, installed spill prevention devices at the fuel dock and more. The initiative not only created a more visually appealing marina, but it also attracted wildlife to the area and impressed customers. "We believe that taking care of the environment is something that boaters will appreciate and relate to," Chaney said. Be mindful of marina design Bellingham Marine helps marina owners develop every stage of their operation, from floating docks to dry stack storage systems, so the company knows how important design is. "A well-designed marina with easy to navigate fairways, ample clear water space, full length finger piers, freeboard sized to the vessels accessing the docks and wide stable floating docks that are well maintained are characteristics of some of the world's most successful marinas," Comstock said. The company has found that floating docks with finger piers have become the preferred type of moorage for boaters. "Boat docks that present a danger to the vessel, are hard to get on and off and are cluttered with equipment and personal belongings are always a problem," Comstock said. "A well-maintained, sturdy dock system with wide, clear walkways and appropriately sized freeboard will help ensure the marina is one that boaters rave about." 24 | Boating Industry | February 2014 P20x25-BI14FEB-MarinaSecrets.indd 24 1/8/14 1:09 PM

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