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February 2014

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LAUNCH Powerboat sales maintain growth streak It's been a solid year for powerboat sales, and the latest data from Info-Link Technologies shows that sales of powerboats in the 15-foot and greater category continue outpacing last year's by less than 10 percent. PWC sales growth is also in positive shape, continuing another trend with year-over-year sales growth in the low single digits — not moving significantly in the last four months. Ski boat sales growth is even stronger, remains one of the brightest categories in the marine industry. The data is based on new U.S. boat registrations. Bellwether states are geographically dispersed states representing roughly half of the US boat market (which varies by market segment and time of year). Full graphs are available on Info-Link's website at: BellwetherReport.php maintaining its 10-percent year-over-year sales growth that has been a constant since the tail end of 2012. The latest data shows a insignificant dip from September's figure. Outboards are showing similarly positive numbers, with 15-foot or greater outboard boat sales outpacing last year's numbers by approximately 10 percent. That growth is slightly less than the nearly 15-percent growth throughout 2012, yet 15 FOOT + POWERBOAT SALES TREND 12 MONTH Y-O-Y PERCENT CHANGE IN SALES 15 FOOT + POWERBOAT SALES TREND 3 MONTH Y-O-Y PERCENT CHANGE IN SALES HOT SPOTS Top 10 boat markets see varied sales in 2013 2013 brought increases to some of the Top 10 boating markets, while others saw sales fall. The data represents total unit volume for all boats sold through September 2013, with 96 percent of the U.S. reporting. Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Fla., experienced the largest increase up 10.8 percent year-over year. Omaha, Neb., followed with a 5.7 percent increase, while the other three regions in the positive category saw increases under 4 percent. Conversely, Oklahoma City, Okla., reported the largest decrease, down 19.6 percent through September. Lexington, Ky., saw flat sales during the same period. 3.8% Portland, OR Sioux Falls, SD Omaha, NE Denver, CO 1.7% 2.6% Green Bay, WI 5.7% 0% Lexington, KY 4.8% 19.6% Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL 5.8% 8.1% Oklahoma City, OK Knoxville, TN 10.8% Anchorage, AK Half of the Top 10 boat markets reported increases in unit sales volume through September 2013. Source: Statistical Surveys P08x11-BI14FEB-Launch.indd 9 February 2014 | Boating Industry | 9 1/8/14 12:00 PM

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