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February 1

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Early grape pioneer planted a vineyard about 50 years ago. by Melissa Hansen Grenache was one of the first varieties that Don Graves planted. It did very well, but was not popular with winemakers 40 years ago. ne of Washington State's southernmost vineyards, planted within a mile of the Columbia River near Dallesport by Don Graves, is also one of the older vineyards in the state. Graves, 93, remembers first meeting Dr. Walter Clore, Washington State University extension horticulturist, in the late 1950s. Clore is credited with founding the state's modern wine industry. "Dr. Clore came down here and thought that this area would be an ideal grape-growing region," said Graves during an interview with Good Fruit Grower last fall. "He was a very nice man." At Clore's urging, Graves planted a test plot with the planting material supplied by Clore. "We planted 24 different varieties, and they all did very well," said Graves. "Once the vines began producing, George Carter of WSU made wines out of the fruit. They especially liked the Grenache wines, and Clore would take the Grenache wine with him on elk-hunting trips." O (Continued on page 27) THRIPS · LEAFHOPPER · PSYLLID · MEALYBUGS · WHITEFLIES · and MORE UNLEASH THE STING OF SCORPION 35SL EASY TO MIX FORMULATION PROVIDES FAST PLANT UPTAKE & EXCELLENT TRANSLAMINAR MOVEMENT FOR THE MOST EFFECTIVE CONTROL APPLY BY DRIP · FOLIAR · SOIL 1.800.883.1844 · Scorpion® is a trademark of Gowan Company, LLC. EPA Reg No 10163-317. Always read and follow label directions. GOOD FRUIT GROWER FEBRUARY 1, 2014 25 PHOTO BY MELISSA HANSEN Most SOUTHERN VINEYARD

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