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16 SportsTurf | February 2014 S ummer annual weeds such as crab- grass and goosegrass commonly invade athletic field turf. The stress of foot traffic from athletic competition can leave athletic field turf susceptible to annual weed in- vasion (Figure 1). Crabgrass and goosegrass complete their life cycle in one year, germinating from seed in spring, growing throughout summer, and setting seed in fall. Summer annual weeds invading athletic fields need to be con- trolled in order to maximize field quality and safety. An effective means for control- ling summer annual weeds is the use of preemergence (PRE) herbi- cides in spring. A list of preemer- gence herbicides labeled for use on warm- and cool-season turf- grasses commonly found on ath- letic fields is presented in Table 1. Weed control programs cen- tered on the use of PRE herbicides offer many benefits to athletic field managers compared to eradi- cating these weeds with postemer- gence (POST) herbicides after they become established. For ex- ample: • Athletic field managers have more herbicide options to control summer annual weeds PRE than POST. • PRE programs are often more economical than POST pro- grams that can require numerous sequential applications. • Several PRE herbicides are available on fertilizer carriers allowing for granular applications to be made instead of liquid sprays. Make use of preemergence herbicides this spring Field Science | By J.T. Brosnan, G.K. Breeden, J.C. Sorochan, and A.W. Thoms Active Ingredient Trade Name† Formulations‡,¶ Labeled Species prodiamine Barricade FL, WG Bermudagrass Seashore Paspalum Tall Fescue Kentucky Bluegrass Perennial Ryegrass dithiopyr Dimension EW, WP Bermudagrass Seashore Paspalum Tall Fescue Kentucky Bluegrass Perennial Ryegrass prodiamine + sulfentrazone Echelon SC Bermudagrass Seashore Paspalum Tall Fescue Kentucky Bluegrass Perennial Ryegrass pendimethalin Pendulum FL, G, EC Bermudagrass Seashore Paspalum Tall Fescue Kentucky Bluegrass Perennial Ryegrass pendimethalin + dimethenamid-P FreeHand G Bermudagrass Seashore Paspalum oxadiazon Ronstar G, FL, WSP Dormant Bermudagrass (FL, WSP only) Bermudagrass (G only) Seashore Paspalum (G only) Tall Fescue (G only) Kentucky Bluegrass (G only) Perennial Ryegrass (G only) indaziflam Specticle WSP, FL, G Bermudagrass Table 1. List of herbicide active ingredients labeled for preemergence (PRE) control of annual grassy weeds in warm- and cool-season turfgrasses commonly used on athletic fields. † Active ingredients may be available under multiple trade names. Mention of trade names or commercial products in this publication is solely for the purpose of providing specific information and does not imply recommendation or en- dorsement by the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. The omission of a particular trade name is not intended to reflect adversely, or to show bias against, any product or trade name not mentioned. ‡ FL = flowable; WG = water dispersible granular; EW = concentrated emulsion; WP = wettable powder; WSP = water soluble powder; SC = soluble concentrate; G = granular (not on fertilizer). ¶ Many preemergence herbicides are sold on granular fertilizer carriers. Be sure to follow label instructions to ensure that the correct rates of active ingredient and nutrients are supplied to turf when using these materials. • Likelihood for undesirable turf injury with PRE herbicides is low com- pared to applying POST products to re- move established weeds such as crabgrass and goosegrass. THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN USING PREs #1- Application Timing: Be sure to apply PRE herbicides before weeds have emerged from soil (i.e., before they are visi-

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