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February 2014 | SportsTurf 39 TURFTIME EQUIPMENT ADDS PRO-AERATORS TO ITS PRODUCT LINE These commercial grade aerators offer affordable pricing for schools, landscapers and estate owners. With rugged steel construction and greaseable bushings on a 1" diameter shaft, the Pro-Aerator comes in widths of 42", 63", 84" and 105" and is operated behind 18-30 HP tractors. Coring spoons reach up to 4" depth depending of soil conditions. In- dependently mounted spoon wheels allow easier turning and minimize turf damage. Turf Time Equipment EP MINERALS LAUNCHES GAME CHANGER BASEBALL INFIELD CONDITIONER EP Minerals, LLC announced the launch of Game Changer, a new clay conditioner designed specifically for baseball in- fields. Game Changer features patent pending KT3 surface technology, formulated to keep baseball infields moist, not muddy, while controlling dust and reducing water usage. When combined with the infusion of a proprietary blend of non-ionic surface treatment, Game Changer uses the absorptive properties of calcined clay as a conditioner to allow more water penetration. The product provides increased moisture retention even in extreme heat, lower water appli- cations, and great dust control. That means reduced water costs and less maintenance, all with better playing conditions. EP Minerals has developed four versions of Game Changer for different infield uses: Game Changer with KT3 Technology, Game Changer Regular Conditioner, Game Changer Mound Clay, and Game Changer Drying Agent. EP Minerals NEW INDOOR "TERF" ECORE International's Terf provides cushion underfoot, has sound isolating advantages, and adds a significant environ- mental story that does not exist with any other turf product. Terf was designed with an athlete's body in mind. Of particular importance is force reduction, which measures and evaluates a flooring system's ability to reduce impact, es- pecially to the lower extremities. Terf is designated for indoor use only and meets specifications for competitive field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer fields. It is spike-resistant and ideal for heavy indoor sports training, including use with football pulling sleds and speed schools that promote speed, power, strength, flexibility, and endurance training. Terf is manufactured by fusion-bonding a nylon wear layer to ECORE's recycled rubber underlayment. ECORE International MEAN GREEN CLEANER & DEGREASER With a blend of biodegradable detergents, Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser quickly cuts through grease and grime, speeding maintenance, repair and rebuild projects. This proven product contains 40% more cleaning ingredients to dissolve grease and grime more quickly than other cleaners. With 30% more solvents and 20% more surfactants, even the most stubborn stains are quickly removed from various industrial surfaces – including metal parts and housings, painted surfaces, vehicle interiors and exteriors, shop interiors and concrete flooring. Mean Green has doubled the amount of chelating agent. It is ideal for use with pressure washers. CR Brands, Inc. NEW PRO LEAGUE CHAMPION BROWN FROM TURFACE Turface Athletics introduces Pro League Champion Brown, the fourth color to its lineup of infield conditioners. Like all Pro League products, Champion Brown features smaller, uniform particles designed to ensure the ultimate fielding and sliding surface to keep skinned infields safe and playable. Moisture management is critical in keeping skinned infields playable. All Pro League conditioners absorb their weight in water to prevent puddles on the infield and stave off rainouts. That absorbed moisture will later release to prevent a hard, cracked field when it's dry. In addition to Champion Brown, Pro League conditioners come in Natural, Red and Heritage Red colors. Turface MARLINS PARK CONVERTS TO PLATINUM TE PASPALUM When the Miami Marlins take the field this spring, the new Marlins Park stadium will feature a complete field conversion to Platinum TETM Paspalum turfgrass. Platinum TE meets specific performance needs of the team and of the retractable roof, warm season stadium, as well as addressing envi- ronmental priorities, such as predictability and reduced water and nitrogen usage. "Everything changes when you factor in a retractable roof," said Chad Mulholland, director of grounds for the Miami Marlins. "Field temperatures can reach over 100 degrees during the day and drop to as low as 72 when we close the roof on game days. But even more challenging is the shade. There are days when some areas of the field get no sun at all." Turf Ecosystems

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