February 2014

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s the calendar turned into 2014 many of us have already dealt with heavy snow and single digit temperatures. In fact, 49 out of the 50 states have recorded some amount of snowfall. These weather patterns will defi- nitely have an effect on our athletic fields as we prepare for the spring season. In Lexington, MA our challenge is not only to have the athletic fields ready in early spring, but also the Battle Green where Patriot's Day is celebrated. Some of us have already begun the spring season and are making a difference by providing safe, playable fields for college softball and baseball. These sports turf managers are using new techniques or tried and true practices to ensure the games go on and the athletes can enjoy and compete without worry. Some of these sports turf managers learned their new ideas or confirmed their current maintenance practices by attending the 2014 STMA Conference in San Antonio. They took advantage of the opportunity to learn from and share ideas with the great selection of speakers, great topics, great networking opportunities and a chance to visit with many commercial members. There were a large number of attendees with a full trade show floor and the site was outstanding. Attending the STMA Conference is a great way to begin the New Year and a great way to recharge and prepare for the upcoming season. Many of us will face challenges in 2014 by dealing with reduced budgets, reduced staff, new regulations and additional use. That said, this is a resilient group of professionals. We will find a way to do things differently to still provide safe, playable fields. We will find a way to continue to be the recognized leader in the sports turf industry. Take advantage of the opportunity to form partnerships and promote what you do, im- plement new maintenance practices and share equipment and knowledge. Challenge yourself this year to do one thing that will help you to make a difference for your athletic fields and for your user groups. Whether school, park and rec or pro, we can all improve upon what we do so that we enhance the experiences of those who use our facilities. Add a maintenance practice that promotes better grass growth, use a new chalk machine to put down a cleaner crisper line, rake a field that you have not been able to before or begin an overseeding program to keep up your turf density. One of the best things about this profession is that a school dis- trict sports turf manager and a pro stadium sports turf manager can talk the same language and learn from each other. Another way to make a difference is to become involved in STMA. This is your association. You can share your ideas or take in someone else's idea. We are in the process of putting to- gether committees for 2014. These dedicated volunteers will be working on ways to help you do your job. Your 2014 Board of Directors is also committed to making a difference for mem- bers. I would like to thank outgoing Board members Rene Asprion, Troy Smith, CSFM and Debbie Kneeshaw for their dedication in strengthening the profession. I would also like to welcome the new Board members Brad Jakubowski, Sarah Martin, CSFM and Doug Schat- tinger who together with the remaining Board and incredible staff will keep focused on the Strategic Plan and work diligently to enhance your member experience. This association sets itself apart from others by keeping a positive outlook and moving in a forward direction. February 2014 | SportsTurf 7 David J. Pinsonneault, CSFM, CPRP President's Message Direct Mail List Sales Cheryl Naughton 678-292-6054 Subscription Services Phone 845-856-2229 Fax 845-856-5822 Reprints Cheryl Naughton 678-292-6054 Group Publisher Jeff Patterson 763-383-4458 Account Representatives: Leslie Palmer Senior Account Manager - West Phone: (248) 530-0300, ext. 1402 Chris Pelikan Senior Account Manager - East Phone: (954) 964-8676 Peggy Tupper Senior Account Manager - Mid-West Phone: (763) 383-4429 Publisher's Notice: We Assume No Responsibility For The Validity Of Claims In Connection With Items Appearing In Sportsturf. Reader Service Numbers Are Given To Facilitate Further Inquiry. Mention Of A Commercial Product Does Not Imply Endorsement By Sportsturf Or Specialty Information Media, Or Preference Over Similar Products Not Mentioned. A Make a difference in the New Year Continued on page 45

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