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Specialty Coffee Retailer February 2014

Specialty Coffee Retailer is a publication for owners, managers and employees of retail outlets that sell specialty coffee. Its scope includes best sales practices, supplies, business trends and anything else to assist the small coffee retailer.

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February 2014 • www.specialty-coffee.com | 39 N obody starts a coee shop to sell merchandise. Between making the best coee and keeping the store running, merchandise can be an aerthought. Stores that see the best success spend a lot of time learning their customer base and experimenting before they nd something that really resonates. FINDING A HIT Danny O'Neill at the Roasterie in Kansas City, Missouri sells a lot of mugs and shirts as well as a fair number of posters in the company's signature Art Deco style. But one of his most popular items is as classic as the style, and it turned into a hit because of a bit of "dumb luck." "Lunch pails: that's another thing that's been incredibly popular. We have an embossed lunch pail with our plane on it and we have sold thousands of those," O'Neill says, adding that they had lunch pails for years but slapped a simple branded sticker on the front. It wasn't until a friend who spent time in China suggested looking into an overseas embosser. "I think we've ordered 10,000 so far," he says. at kind of overhead and storage might seem daunting, but he says it was worth that hassle. "e only thing we had to do is order a lot of them and wait a while for them to come, but you know what, we're not going anywhere and they're pretty popular," he says. For Greg Martin at Urban Bean Coee in Minneapolis, Minn., T M F H P BY N I C H O L A S U P TO N R K C A D . 38-43 branded merch SCR0214.indd 39 2/6/2014 12:40:07 PM

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