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28 SportsTurf | March 2014 T here is no such thing as a "one size fits all" adhesive because an adhesive that is outstanding for one application might be a disaster for another. There are hundreds of adhesives on the market and some are excellent for one application and unsatisfactory for another. When a person asks, "What's your best adhesive?" it shows the person has little knowledge of the complexity of adhesives. For example, that's why the designers of first-aid "band aid" type adhesives do not want the adhesion to be so strong that it tears the skin when being removed. Oppositely, instead of stitches, a surgical adhesive that is designed to hold skin together after an operation must not prematurely peel away or break. Q: Are there many different types of synthetic turf adhesives? If so, what are their differences? Legue: That narrows it down, but it's still a very broad subject. For example, there are adhesives for use outdoors vs. indoors; adhesives for recreational surfaces like synthetic turf athletic fields and playgrounds vs. synthetic turf adhesives for aesthetic purposes like landscaping, lawns, highway median strips, roof tops, etc. [Buyers] need to look beyond price as well; higher performing adhesives can withstand athletic activities and weathering and prevent the need for repairs later. Q: What is your opinion on outdoor synthetic turf adhesives for installing and repairing synthetic turf athletic fields and playground surfaces? Legue: Weather varies from hour to hour, day to day, with different seasons and different climates. Hence, the adhesive selected should not be a "fair weather only" adhesive because there will be a very limited installation and repair time window. Since time is money, unneces- sary delays created by using "fair weather only" adhesives can be very costly. SELECTING TURF ADHESIVE IS CRITICAL: Q&A WITH NORRIS LEGUE, AKA GURU OF GLUE ® Facility & Operations Editor's note: Norris Legue is president of Synthetic Surfaces Inc., which manufactures synthetic turf adhesive products Stand-up Trowel Furthermore, selecting an outdoor adhesive based on indoor laboratory test results after the adhesive has cured is a waste of time. Left: Airless Spray Center: Glue Box Right: Squeegee

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