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49 SportsTurf | March 2014 Advertiser Page # Web Address Please fill out this form in its entirety q Yes, please start/continue my FREE subscription to SportsTurf FOR FASTER SERVICE visit our website at or fax to 845-856-5822 q No, thank you. Which version would you like to receive? q Print q Print/Digital ADVERTISERS' INDEX SportsTurf Signature: (required) Date: Name: (please print) Title: Company: Address: City: State: Zip: Phone: Fax: Email: (required) March 2014 - Expires August 2014 - RS1403 1 What is your company's primary business? (check ONLY ONE) F q Sports Complex G q Athletic Field and/or Park Architect/Designer T q School, College or University P q Park H q Other (please specify) _____________________________ 2 Which of the following best describes your title? (check ONLY ONE) A q EXECUTIVE /ADMINISTRATOR — President, Owner, Partner, Director, General Man- ager, Chairman of the Board, Purchasing Agent, Athletic Director B q MANAGER / SUPERINTENDENT — Superintendent, Landscape / Ground Maintenance Manager, Foreman, Supervisor C q GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL — Government Commissioner, Agent, Other Government Official D q SPECIALIST — Architect, Designer, Consultant, Agronomist, Horticulturist, Certified Specialist F q COACH E q Other (please specify)______________________________________ 3 Do you have the authority to buy, specify or recommend products and/or services for your business or organization? Y q Yes N q No 4 Yearly operating expenditures (excluding salaries) F q Over $1 million C q $50,001 - $100,000 E q $500,001 - $1 million B q $25,001 - $50,000 D q $100,001 - $500,000 A q $25,000 and under 5 Please also send a free subscription to the following people at the same location Name _____________________________________Title___________________________________ Name _____________________________________Title___________________________________ Aquatrols 2 Barenbrug USA 52 Beacon Athletics 29 Beam Clay 48 Broyhill 48 CoverSports USA 21 Delta BlueGrass 9 Diamond Pro 15 Ecolawn 48 Ewing Irrigation 51 Hydraway Drainage Systems 17 Jacobsen 13 Johnston Seed 26-27 Kochek 48 Newstripe 25 PBI Gordon 19 Pioneer Athletics 3 Profile Products 23 Seago 48 Southern Athletic Fields 25 SportsTurf Managers Association 5 SportsTurf Managers Association 36-37 STEC Equipment 35 TifSport Growers Association 11 Turfco Manufacturing 33 Turf-Tec 47 TurfTime Equipment, LLC 48 World Class Athletic Surfaces 29 the renovation of the baseball, softball, and soccer complex while I was a student. As a student I also went on an internship in San Francisco work- ing for the Giants. I was hired full time the next year and I spent 3 seasons as an assistant groundskeeper for the Giants. I then spent a summer at Comerica Park working for the Detroit Tigers as a member of the grounds crew and returned to MSU to be the groundskeeper for baseball, softball, and soccer in 2012. I just became a CSFM in January 2014. ST: What practices do you use to keep your infield skin in peak con- dition? Fouty: We feel it is key to start with a good base, which we add plenty of conditioner preseason and nail drag, mat drag, roll, repeat a couple times. We then add conditioner as needed throughout the season. We try to keep it about 70% calcined clay, 30% vitrified clay for a great surface. Whenever we have an event i.e., practice, game, or camp we nail drag, mat drag and water first thing in the morning, and depending on time we may mat drag and water again right before the event. After the event we nail drag to again to get all the cleat marks and get us back to level as best we can, followed again by mat drag and water. We also leaf rake edges after every event and broom every other and completely blow out edges with water two times a year. Usually right after the MSU baseball season and right before the fall ball season starts. ST: What changes if any are you considering or implementing for the winning field in 2014? Fouty: We are always striving to get a more consistent playing surface and we will continue to try new things if we think we can save some time or become more efficient in the way we manage and implement our man- agement practices ST: How do you see the Sports Turf Manager's job changing in the fu- ture? Fouty: The job has, and will continue to, become more scientific and more professional. I would like to think that there will be a return to nat- ural grass playing surfaces as field management gets better and construction of fields continues to get better. n Continued from page 44

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