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about the small towns, the snaking roads and the transitory views. The minu- tiae are as captivating as the extremes wherever I am. But if I have to pinpoint one area of the country that stood out as really ex- treme, it would be Alaska in its wilderness, beauty and expanse. The journey there truly made me feel that I was approaching the last American frontier. My first journey began on the Texas border in 2000 and ended on the Texas border in December 2013. Everything comes full circle! But through the experiences you gain over time, perceptions change and you begin to see the world through different fil- ters. When returning to a place over and over, there is a new discovery and that keeps me coming back for more. Exploring the country and making these photo- graphs is almost a philo- sophical or ethical need to penetrate a grander ques- tion about landscape and our place within it. I resist approaching a landscape strictly as an expanse of scenery, but view it as an anomaly with an abun- dance of information to be discovered." —Victoria Sambunaris Untitled, Travertine. Yellowstone National Park, 2008 "Victoria Sambunaris: Taxonomy of a Landscape" is available from Radius Books,

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