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March 15

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Preliminary data showed that there was far less sunburned fruit under the pod netting (control had 59 percent sun- burn, pod was 16 percent). Forty-two percent of the fruit was sunburned under drape netting compared with 64 percent in the control. Fruit was heavier under the pod netting (194 grams compared to 182 grams in the control), but not statistically GOOD FRUIT GROWER MARCH 15, 2014 27 Introducing Madex HP for control of codling moth and oriental fruit moth larvae. Now you have a selection of highly eff ective granuloviruses. So potent they can be used at ultra-low rates for cost-eff ective control. Ideal for managing insecticide resistance and residues. Four-hour reentry interval (REI) and zero plant harvest interval (PHI). OMRI ® Listed and NOP Approved. Double Trouble for Codling and Oriental Fruit Moths. CYD-X ® HP and ma - dex ® hp The most potent codling moth and oriental fruit moth viruses...ever. © 2014 Certis USA £nääÓxäxäÓ{ÊUÊ ] [ PHOTO BY TJ MULLINAX

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