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March 15

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Page 6 of 47 GOOD FRUIT GROWER MARCH 15, 2014 7 What it does: Disrupts oviposition. Changes larval behavior by delaying larvae from finding fruit. Delays fruit entry and injury once fruit is found. How to use it: Simply tank mix with each insecticide and/or fungicide application. Restrictions: None. Compatible and no phytotoxicity. Longevity: More than 14 days residual. Female lays eggs >20% further from fruit. Larvae stop frequently between hatch site and fruit. Larvae wander more between hatch site and fruit. Larvae significantly delay feeding. Increases larval exposure to elements, beneficials and insecticides. Significantly delayed fruit arrival, increases exposure. Delayed fruit arrival, increases exposure. Delayed, limited fruit entry, increases exposure. Features Benefits What you already know: The DA in CIDETRAK ® DA MEC is the same DA in the PHEROCON ® CM-DA COMBO ™ lure you use to monitor your Codling Moth. Researcher and User Comments: Dr. Doug Light, USDA - In multiple replicated field trials, CIDETRAK DA MEC improved performance of numerous insecticides on average up to 40% versus using insecticide alone. Dr. Alan Knight, USDA: Research has shown that CIDETRAK DA MEC applied for larval control enhances existing pheromone effect on adults. %!&&!$ !!"#!#!!" !! Contact your local supplier and order now. Visit our website: or call 1- 866 -785-1313. INSEC T PHEROMONE & KAIROMONE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED ® Your Edge – And Ours – Is Knowledge.

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