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C ontrol states regulate alcohol licensing and enforce a wide range of policies, but perhaps their top priority is serving the public. Social responsibility issues make up a large portion of every state's overall initiatives. But how do control states go about getting their messages across, and how do they ensure that they do so effectively? Looking at several states across the country, StateWays noticed several trends. Some states are implementing comprehensive long-term action plans in an effort to reduce and potentially eliminate underage drinking. Young people continue to be the focus of many responsible drinking campaigns, while parents are the primary audience of others. Additionally, many states have proven successful when partnering with external community groups in order to widen their audience and maximize available resources. EMPOWERING YOUTH TO TAKE ACTION A number of states are stressing the importance of focusing on the college-aged population and responsible drinking initiatives during the upcoming year. Through interactive programming and empowering young people to instigate change in their own communities, control states are successfully coordinating student ambassadors to broadcast their social responsibility messages. Several agencies have assisted in the creation of conferences designed to raise awareness about social SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN THE CONTROL STATES StateWays Q Q March/April 2014 28 THROUGHOUT THE CONTROL STATES, CREATING INNOVATIVE BEVERAGE ALCOHOL RESPONSIBILITY CAMPAIGNS IS A KEY PART OF SERVING THE PUBLIC. BY MELISSA NIKSIC The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has several ongoing responsible drinking initiatives. One of them, termed Project Sticker Shock, uses red Stop sign stickers to remind buyers that it is illegal to provide alcohol to minors. Above, volunteers in Virginia attaching Project Sticker Shock Stop decals to beverage alcohol products. e ers

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