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April 2014

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Page 31 of 31 YOUR REQUIREMENTS. MET. Building your construction business together. There are machine features you want, and those you simply have to have — like Final Tier 4 engines that don't FRPSURPLVHRQYLVLELOLW\HIƟFLHQF\RUSHUIRUPDQFH6R\RXŤOOEHJODGWRNQRZ WKHODWHVWDGGLWLRQVWRRXU.6HULHV/RDGHUOLQH...IHDWXUH -RKQ'HHUH3RZHU7HFKƀ)7HQJLQHVZKLFKGHOLYHUWKHSURGXFWLYLW\WRWDOƠXLG HIƟFLHQF\DQGXSWLPH\RXQHHGWREHSURƟWDEOH7KHVHORDGHUVDOVRERDVWIHDWXUHV you asked for, like an easy-to-clean Quad-Cool system. New remote-start battery WHUPLQDOV$QG8OWLPDWH8SWLPHIHDWXULQJ-RKQ'HHUH:RUN6LJKWƀ7ROHDUQPRUH see your dealer or visit our website. Text INFO to 205-289-3789 or visit

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