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MAY 2014 | BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM 17 ˬCTIVITIESWITHDOWNTIME"ND activities that are hard to set up on your OWNrMˬYBEˬTRUǟEHUNTHORSEBˬCK riding, visiting a farm that turns into a WHOLEDˬYWITHˬLOCˬLFˬMILY If you could bring home one piece of Italian life what would it be?ŀ EFOOD wine, and the proximity to a really great supermarket! I also love that everyone WˬLKSEVERYWHERE*WOULDLOVETODOTHˬT HERE Any one sight that still takes your breath away?ŀ ECOˬSTLINEESPECIˬLLYIN $INQUE5ERREŀ ECOLOROFTHEWˬTERrITmS SOMETHINGYOUJUSTCˬNmTDESCRIBE What common misconceptions do many have about traveling to Italy? I really wish people would look beyond 3OME*UNDERSTˬNDWHYPEOPLEWˬNTTO GOrITmSREˬLLYBEˬUTIFUL#UT*WISHTHEY WOULDBEMOREˬDVENTUROUS4O*TRYTO NUDGEPEOPLETOEXPLOREOTHERˬREˬS What does it mean to be a good trav- eler? 'LEXIBILITYISKEY:OUHˬVETOBERE ally open to trying new things and maybe SEEINGLIFEFROMˬDIFFERENTPERSPECTIVE What's the most challenging part of leading these trips? A lot of people say it sounds like a dream job—but a lot of WORKGOESINTOIT*LOVETHEEXPLORINGˬND the researching, but there can be lots of LˬSTMINUTEPLˬNNING For example, I wanted to visit this CHOCOLˬTIER IN 5USCˬNY )EmS LIKE THIS CHOCOLˬTEGOD*TmSHˬRDTOREˬCHHIMBUT I ended up getting a hold of him and said I WˬNTEDTOSCHEDULEˬVISIT)EˬSKEDWHEN we were going to go home and when I told him—I was calling in spring for a fall trip—he said, 'Oh my god, I could be dead by then! Call me back!' [laughs] So you have to just hope some of this is going to work out—and that's probably THEHˬRDESTTHINGFORUS"MERICˬNS Any packing tips? Don't pack too much! I've worked on this for several years and what I do is pack everything and then TˬKEOUTˬTLEˬSTONETHIRDOFIT It's so liberating to travel light and so WORTHIT Don't leave home without…Bubble WRˬP:OUMIGHTWˬNTTOTˬKESOMEWINE or olive oil home and use bubble wrap to PˬCKIT Visit to learn more about Fleming's tours, get travel tips and more. You eat right and stay active, so why would you miss a dental checkup? We'll help you integrate preventive dental care into your daily life with convenient online appointment requests 24/7, text and email reminders, and thoughtful expertise right in your neighborhood. HEALTHY SMILE, HEALTHY YOU Sarah Caring for your Smile includes our Free Oral Cancer Screening follow us Middleton 608.836.1020 Fitchburg 608.273.6500 West Madison 608.833.1100 East Madison 608.249.9141 Sun Prairie 608.837.9800 Verona 608.848.2000 Monroe, WI 608.328.8228 Waunakee 608.849.5600 Orthodontic Care 608.848.0820 Our Locations: Campus 608.256.0671 Downtown 608.251.3535

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