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May 15

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Page 36 of 55 GOOD FRUIT GROWER MAY 15, 2014 37 following that direction and will be harvesting their first plantings this year. That's a key virtue of Bors's cherries. The dwarf, bush- type trees were selected for two reasons. First, Bors said, local growers could add them to their farms where they were already growing haskaps and saskatoons and har- vesting them with an over-the-row harvester. Adding cherries would provide an August crop to harvest, using the same machine, following haskaps in June and saska- toons in July. These berries also grow on bushes. The second reason was to lessen the effects of winter injury. The bush cherry varieties may lose some wood to frigid winters, but new shoots from ground level would Consider for your next planting: • BRUCE PONDER • SUSAN WILKINSON • ADAM WEIL • DAVE WEIL 503-538-2131 • FAX: 503-538-7616 BENEFITS: • Disease tolerant • Cold hardy • Adapts well to all cherry-growing districts • Forms flower buds and comes into bearing quicker than Mazzard with a better distribution of flower buds Roots available for SPRING DELIVERY Call Tree Connection: 800-421-4001 Dwarfing Cherry Rootstock Krymsk ® 5 Krymsk ® 6 [cv. VSL-2, USPP 15,723] [cv. LC-52, USPP 16,114] "Krymsk ® 5 and Krymsk ® 6 cherry rootstocks have proven to be the best rootstock for our orchards. They are yield efficient, grow and adapt well, and are cold hardy." —John Morton The Dalles, Oregon CHERRY cookbook D r. Bob Bors's wife, Loretta, teamed up with Lily Sawatzky, wife of Bors's technician Rick Sawatzky, and Master Gardener Cecilia Kachkowski, to compile a 370-recipe book called Cooking with Cherries from the Prairies. Proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will go to the fruit program at the University of Sas- katchewan to support student research and pro- vide scholarships. It won an international award at the Paris Festival du Livre Culinaire as the best fundraising cookbook in Canada. For information, check the website —R. Lehnert These are Juliet cherries, one of the Romance series bred and released at the University of Saskatchewan. PHOTOS COURTESY OF BOB BORS

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